Aldi Fans Just Can't Seem To Resist These Assorted Holiday Cookies

When it comes time to deck the halls, chances are Aldi shoppers are freaking out over all of the holiday cookies the discount market has in stock during this festive time of the year. There are options for everyone — those who want something homemade will love Aldi's festive cookie kits, and those who want to tear into plastic wrapping and find immediate gratification will be satisfied with its limited-edition chocolate peppermint cookies. The Aldi cookie excitement is lighting up the Reddit community like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer's nose, and their latest sweet discovery is no exception.

Per Reddit, spotted: Specialty Selected Compliments Assorted Cookies with dark, milk & white chocolate. According to Brick Meets Click, Specially Selected products were introduced to Aldi consumers in the United States in 2013 and are branded as "Gourmet foods at everyday low prices." After examining the inventory at Aldi locations in northern Illinois, they found that a typical Aldi carries 75 to 80 different products under this label. But these cookies in particular are causing quite the chatter online.

It's a 2-pound container

One community member began the Reddit thread by posting a photo of the Specialty Selected Compliments Assorted Cookies with dark, milk & white chocolate, asking "Has anyone had these yet? It's taking all my willpower to not have one before holiday week.. ." Redditors were all too happy to chime in.

One responded with, "I've bought it other years, though I don't know if this year's selection is any different. They're really delicious and honestly tastes like they should cost way more, IMO." Per the Aldi website, these cookies are just a little over 2 pounds and cost just a little under $10. Another commenter wrote that they "used to buy these all the time, then they never had them. I will definitely look for them." They added that they remember a smaller box of the same cookies costing "about $4, but 2 lbs for $10 is fair."

Still, others recalled these cookies being more than just a seasonal product item. "They used to sell them all year round. Now they just have them during the holidays. I always buy 2 boxes at a time because they always disappear so quickly..." one person commented. But one Redditor gave just the right response to this question: "I give you permission to indulge before holiday week, friend." We can't help but agree — these cookies look perfect for cozying up with a cup of hot coffee or tea.