How Balloons Help Keep Dollar Tree Afloat

The Dollar Tree is a place that is the epitome of "You get what you pay for." This isn't to say the Dollar Store is a bad place. If you're someone who is trying to keep a budget or simply don't have much money, the Dollar Tree is your best friend. You can find some truly great deals for a dollar, make no mistake — just don't expect it to always be top-quality. 

It isn't hard to view the Dollar Tree as a bit of a weird place, and for sometimes justified reasons. In 2020, OSHA fined several Dollar Tree locations for multiple violations of workplace safety, and Business Insider ran a 2019 article that showed the general lack of cleanliness and organization of a local Dollar Tree location. If you walk around your local Dollar Tree, you'd probably find some pretty strange stuff too, from knock-off toys to a cheap pregnancy test for as low as a dollar. Of course, this isn't a slam-piece on the Dollar Tree company by no means. There are good people who work and shop there, and for some shoppers, the bizarre items are a part of the appeal. But just what exactly is so popular at the Dollar Tree that manages to keep it afloat? 

Well, it turns out that "afloat" might be the key word, here. Because according to Dollar Tree managers, it turns out that these inflatable little trinkets are a blessing in more ways than one. 

Balloons are cost-efficient and easy to store

In an interview with Mental Floss on some of Dollar Tree's greatest secrets, a Dollar Tree manager identified only as Brenda revealed that mylar balloons are some of the most popular items at Dollar Tree. Anyone who's ever been to a Dollar Tree could tell you that one of the most notable things in the aisles of toys and cheaply priced foodstuffs are inflated balloons kept together in a cage on the ceiling, with stray birthday balloons sometimes drifting lazily around the aisles like lost sheep looking for a herd. According to Brenda, the balloons are perfect for being easy-to-store and a general low cost make them perfect to sell cheap.

"Balloons do a ton of business for Dollar Tree," Brenda explains, noting that her store sells up to 150 to 200 balloons in a week "If you think about it, every day is someone's birthday, baby shower, graduation, or anniversary."

Perhaps another feature of balloons that make them great for a profit is their short-lasting lifespans. Who hasn't accidentally popped a balloon or let go of its string and let it drift away? You probably didn't worry too much about it — after all, you could buy another balloon for only $1 at Dollar Tree. In fact, according to Business Insider, the most popular items purchased at Dollar Tree are party supplies such as gift wrap, seasonal decor, birthday cards, and so on. Considering that, it would only make sense that balloons are a key part of the Dollar Tree merchandise range