Walmart Sells A Ridiculous Number Of Pies During The Holiday Season

The holidays are the season of gratitude no doubt, but more importantly, it's the season of pies. You could even say that Thanksgiving marks the onset of the pie season that goes on well until the end of Christmas.

The day that shoppers find out their favorite supermarket stores have started stocking up on the first festive pies is a day of great joy. From there on, it's a race to the store to hunt down the baked good and buy one before it quickly sells out. If you don't believe it, in 2008, The American Pie Council (yes, there is such a thing) found that about 186 million pies were sold in the U.S. in supermarkets alone. Not counting how many pies that bakery stores and restaurants sell, the council said that supermarkets alone generate $700 million in revenue through pies. That's a whole lot of dough!

The National Grocers Association in 2017 also found that 18.9 million pies were sold just during Thanksgiving. If the association's more recent findings are any indication, the survey conducted by The American Pie Council a decade ago is still very much relevant!

While all these million dollar figures may seem like unimpressive mathematical jargon, you might be surprised to find just many pies Walmart sells. And, it's not just an annual sky-high number — Walmart sells a ridiculously high number of pies in a matter of minutes (via Chewboom).

Every minute matters when it comes to Walmart's pies

There's no denying that, even though pumpkin pies are synonymous with Thanksgiving, they're still coveted during Christmas. Nevertheless, Walmart had some good news for shoppers that wanted something a bit different from all that pumpkin pie eating by introducing two new pies in the store's bakery section. Per Chewboom, recently Walmart announced they are launching two new cheesecake pies — a strawberry cheesecake pie with a graham cracker crust and strawberry topping, and a turtle cheesecake pie with a chocolate crust, caramel, and pecans.

More interesting, however, is that the site notes that Walmart sells a whopping 700 pies every minute between November 1 and December 25. Considering the fact that, for nearly two months Walmart sells about 700 pies a minute, it comes as no surprise that the annual number sold in America each year is in the millions.

If that's not impressive enough, per a 2015 report on Walmart's website, the company claimed that it sold two pies a second in November and enough pecan pies over Thanksgiving to fill 9.2 football fields. Now, that's a whole lotta pie!