Duff Goldman Is Loving His 'Majestic' Mini Food Sculpture

Food art can be taken in any one of a million different directions. There's the art of making food. There's art made with food. There's art that resembles food. The possibilities are truly endless, and many talented individuals run with whatever their imagination offers.

One artist, Lefty Out There, creates art using Cheeto dust. He was recently featured in Miami's Art Basel exhibition, where he displayed eight cheesy pieces of art (via Food & Wine). Other food artists like TikTok user swordknives find fame in delicately carving tomatoes. Who wouldn't be amazed by tomato slices fitted together to look like a flamingo?

Food lovers across the globe know Duff Goldman for his intricately decorated cakes. From filming a cake challenge show to making custom cakes for celebrities, Goldman knows his stuff. If he praises something, you know it's got to be good. Enter Party Monster Workshop, a small business that received a shoutout from Goldman for a custom sculpture.

Everyone knows Duff Goldman loves the buffalo

In a 2017 interview with Milwaukee's Journal Sentinel, Goldman said he always travels with a special companion, a little stuffed buffalo. Needless to say, fans weren't too surprised when Goldman posted a photo of his newest buffalo friend to Instagram. In the caption, Goldman wrote, "Thank you @partymonsterworkshop! I love my mini buff. He's pretty majestic. You make the cutest stuff!"

Party Monster Workshop is an Esty shop that creates and sells miniature sculptures, primarily of various food items. Patricia C, the owner, makes delicate earrings, ornaments, phone mounts, and more. Some of the items posted on her Instagram include charcuterie board earrings, ramen necklaces, and dragon fruit charms. Premade pieces range in price from $10-$30, but Patricia also does custom pieces.

If someone you know is a big fan of food-themed art and jewelry, Party Monster Workshop is the perfect place to shop. And even better yet, it's Duff Goldman-approved!