If You Ever Wanted To See Art Made With Cheetos Dust, Now's Your Chance

Cheetos is a delicious snack that has an impressive fan following around the world. And why not? It's tasty, crunchy, and the perfect snack food, after all. And it has inspired many people to come up with artwork especially dedicated to the snack. There was even a Cheetos Museum at one point.

Meanwhile, in 2015, a Redditor posted a photo of a beautiful painting of a Cheetos pack that they created using watercolors. A commentator had a rather insightful observation to offer. "Imagine, in the past we have painting of beautiful fruits of the time. You have now recorded our modern day 'junk food.' They will revere our fruits of this time one day," they wrote.

Cheetos is here to stay and be celebrated among its fans. The latest example is Cheetos being represented at Miami Art Week. According to Timeout, a talented artist will create magic with just Cheetos' dust at the event. It's going to be an interesting event for several reasons.

An artist is creating Cheetos dust pieces for Miami Art Basel

According to TimeOut, artist Lefty Out There will be working with Cheetos' special dust to craft beautiful pieces for this year's Miami Art Week. The exhibit is called "Yacht The Basel: The Art of the Cheetle" and is in collaboration with the Rock the Bells and of course, Cheetos. Lefty Out There is expected to come up with gorgeous and bold artwork with the help of Cheetle, the distinctive dust from Cheetos.

As a brand, Cheetos is all set for the event. Jessica Spaulding, the senior director of marketing at Frito-Lay America said in a statement (via TimeOut), "Over the years, fans have used Cheetos as inspiration for so many different things–from fashion to beauty to culinary and more. Now, we're excited to see how Cheetle—the orange dust that our fans wear proudly on their fingertips—is brought to life at Art Basel through the incredibly talented Lefty Out There's artwork."

Per Food & Wine, the exhibition will be held at Miami's Bayfront Park on December 4. And yes, Lefty Out There is psyched to be a part of the exhibition as well. He said, "new techniques, a unique venue and a one-of-a-kind opportunity to take on a new challenge. Should be one hell of a party!"