Trader Joe's Fans Are Psyched To Try Its New Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix

Oh, Trader Joe's, what need don't you fulfill? The beloved grocery store chain with around 500 locations across the United States (via Statista) is a perennial favorite of devoted home cooks and enthusiastic snackers alike, offering a plethora of high-quality ingredients as well as a wealth of prepared foods, including Chicken Burrito Bowls, 5-Layer Dip, and Caramel Coffee Almonds.

One of the things we love about Trader Joe's is how often the chain rotates its fresh items, whether they're seasonal or completely new offerings. And whenever a new product shows up in stores, we can rely on TJ-tracking social media accounts to alert the masses and give their opinions on their purchases. Some social media-broadcasted Trader Joe's items have created quite the stir among shoppers in the past, from the store's Pound Plus milk chocolate bar in a new caramel, pretzel, and sea salt variety, to frozen potatoes loaded with ground beef, tomatoes, and cheese. And now, Trader Joe's fans are reacting en masse to a new chocolate chip pancake mix.

This chocolate chip pancake mix has Instagram shook

This just in: Trader Joe's stores have added a new pancake and waffle mix to their lineup that already includes buttermilk mix and protein mix. As reported yesterday by TJ-tracking Instagram accounts, including @traderjoeshungry and @traderjoeslist, the new mix contains mini chocolate chips and requires only water to make pancakes, or water plus oil to make waffles. "Can't go wrong with chocolate chip pancakes," @traderjoeshungry noted on the post. And lots of commenters agreed. "Umm yes!" wrote @lifeasjenmarie.

Meanwhile, on the @traderjoeslist post, folks were super-pumped as well. "These look INCREDIBLE," @alexander_minton commented. "Next Trader Joe's trip guess what I'll be getting," added @chelsea503. Some TJ's shoppers even seemed to be hatching specific cooking plans in their heads, with @gaab_zzz writing, "Omg in the mini waffle maker."

The comments have us craving a tall stack of pancakes, ourselves. BRB while we head to Trader Joe's to pick up some mix, coffee, and maple syrup for tomorrow's brunch.