Trader Joe's Shoppers Are So Excited For Its New Loaded Potatoes

Trader Joe's is definitely a favorite grocery store with quite the loyal following. In a YouGov poll, the California based chain claimed spot number five on its list of favorite stores, garnering 55% of the popular vote. As CNBC points out, for a store that offers no coupons or loyalty programs, it has definitely cracked the code on how to keep shoppers coming back, largely because of its products, like its new loaded potatoes.

If you follow any of the Trader Joe's Instagram fan accounts, you may have stumbled upon posts for this product which @traderjoeslist describes as a complete meal. And honestly, we are starting to become part of the grocery chain's believers just reading about this one. The Instagrammer shared a photo of the loaded potato product and wrote, "When #traderjoes turns a potato into a meal, this is the end result! Potatoes with ground beef, tomatoes and cheeses. This is making me very hungry!"

Trader Joe's loaded potatoes are a complete meal

Instagram user @traderjoesnew confessed that while they haven't tried this frozen offering yet, they are definitely feeling its cheesy and spicy vibes. The fan wrote, "NEW loaded diced potatoes with ground beef, tomatoes, green onions, shredded mozzarella cheese and jalapeños. $3.99 each. I have not tried yet so I can't tell you how spicy they are. ( I'll post in stories). But looks delicious. You can have this as an entree or as an appetizer." The poster went on to share a bunch of recipe ideas that could utilize this potato hash-esque meal saying, "I like to add a little sour cream on top for garnish on mine. Fresh cilantro. Brunch idea: loaded potatoes, toast, fried eggs, mimosas."

And if you're curious about the calories, @traderjoeslist has you covered. They posted that a 12 ounce box contains one serving, which clocks in at 490 calories and 26 grams of fat. Commenters seem excited about the new item with one writing, "Something else gluten free I can eat." And another offered, "This is delish! I'd fill a tortilla with this and make a yummy burrito." Looks like its time to head over to Trader Joe's and stock-up.