Ted Allen Had A Hilarious Response To The Dexter Reboot

When "Dexter," the scripted show about a serial killer starring Michael C. Hall, was rebooted and newly relaunched as "Dexter: New Blood," many fans were ecstatic. The show's original run lasted eight seasons before its controversial ending, so perhaps fans were excited to see if the show could redeem itself? The new series follows Dexter's life 10 years after the finale of the original, and the reboot already has just as many dedicated fans, including "Chopped" host and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" cast member Ted Allen.

Apparently, Allen is a big "Dexter: New Blood" fan, seen by a recent post on Twitter that had his followers cackling. "Can't talk; #DexterNewBlood is on. Coincidentally, my plastic wrap is industrial-size. And my knife game is ... interesting," he posted. His Tweet was accompanied by two photos, one of a large roll of plastic wrap, and the other of a magnetic knife strip loaded with sharp cooking utensils of all different sizes and shapes. The combination is pretty similar to Dexter's own preferred instruments for murder, though hopefully Allen is just using them for cooking and nothing else.

Allen's fans loved his 'Dexter' joke

It turns out Ted Allen isn't the only jokester on Twitter. His fans joined in on the fun after the "Chopped" host made a witty reference to the show "Dexter: New Blood." One user replied to Allen's Tweet wondering about the odd-looking, jagged blade with a spiral metal handle. "What the hell is this one for," they asked, to which Allen replied, "No idea — but it's right creepy" (apparently, Allen bought it from a flea market in rural Ohio for $5, but its use remains a mystery). Other fans took a less humor-focused approach when examining Allen's knife collection, asking dutiful questions about a cheese-cutting knife and a Middleton knife with a maple burl handle that Allen said was "Magnifique, non?"

As for the "Dexter" commentary, Allen said that what he likes about the reboot is that "the plot very thickly thickens, and thickens, and weirds way the hell out." But when one fan on Twitter asked, "Does the new show make up for the prior finale?" the star replied, "It would take a lot ... that finale was loathsome." Only time will tell if the "Dexter" reboot can redeem the original, but in the meantime, maybe someone should be keeping a close eye on Allen and his kitchen knife collection.