Fans Are Loving Sunny Anderson's Reaction To Katie Lee's Cheesecake

Get a bunch of Food Network stars in one room, add a cheesecake, and you're bound to find a good time. That's exactly what happened when Sunny Anderson recently dove into a slice of Katie Lee's chocolate cheesecake — made with cottage cheese, light cream cheese, and featuring a strawberry topping — on the set of "The Kitchen," and captured the experience for Instagram

"I've NEVER had a cheesecake made with cottage cheese," Anderson captioned the post, despite stating in the accompanying video that she loves the dairy product. She calls it an "extra taste moment," as she was unable to grab a bite when filming a segment. "I figure why not?" Anderson says in the video, scooping up a forkful of the treat. "I gotta get it for free ... Let me just see what's up." As she takes a bite, she looks up toward the camera with a pleased sparkle in her eye, and calls across the set for Lee. "Katie, it's delicious. It's smooth, it's chocolatey," Anderson says. Then Lee herself, as well as "The Kitchen" cohost Alex Guarnaschelli, join Anderson on screen to discuss it some more.

The TV family that cheesecakes together, stays together

Katie Lee joined Sunny Anderson in her Instagram video discussing the cottage cheese-based cheesecake, with Lee toting the great nutritional profile of the sweet treat. "You can have this cheesecake for breakfast. It's protein-packed. It's all the things you would eat for breakfast," Lee says. "Looks good," Alex Guarnaschelli chimes in, on the other side of Anderson. Instagrammers shared their two cents in the comments, with one user posting, "Cottage cheese cheesecake — with chocolate in it? Ohhhhh yeah," while another wrote, "I concur, it's breakfast food, and I need it." 

Another follower commented not the cheesecake, but rather on the working dynamic between the cohosts. "All of you work so well together," the person noted, an observation that probably wouldn't surprise fellow "The Kitchen" cohost Jeff Mauro who recently spoke with Closer Weekly about how tight-knit the cast has become. "We have fun on set and honestly, we've become a family ... Everybody kind of has their role," Mauro said.