Gordon Ramsay's Chocolate Fondant Is Making Mouths Water On Instagram

When you think of Gordon Ramsay, the first thing that probably comes to mind is his iconic one-liners from the many seasons of "Hell's Kitchen" — statements that his fans pretty much know by heart by now. Even more popular are his savage roasts of dishes that fans have made and then jokingly asked Ramsay to review in good spirit on TikTok. The more ardent fans may even remember the famous "Kitchen Nightmares" where owners of failing restaurants often bore the brunt of the star chef's sharp tongue.

Apart from his prominent media presence, Ramsay is also the owner of a number of successful restaurants all over the world, and per his website, the list is long and impressive. The seasoned chef often takes to Instagram to share glimpses of the stunning dishes that his restaurants are serving, and his latest post has fans drooling yet again. In it, he shared a video of a chocolate fondant (which you can see on Twitter and Instagram), a dessert that his restaurant Bread Street Kitchen & Bar seems to be serving at the moment. The video shows a piping hot fondant with molten chocolate oozing out of it, and as expected, awestruck fans are watching with open mouths.

You can make Ramsay's fondant at home

"Why do you have to do this to us Ramsay #getinmybelly," wrote one fan on Twitter about the chef's incredible dessert item. In fact, many fans (likely still in the midst of New Year's resolutions to eat better) jokingly wished that the chef hadn't posted the delicious video at all. "No just no, I don't want to look because that makes me hungry," said one person. As it turns out, this isn't the first time that the chocolate dish has appeared on the chef's social media page. Per a previous post, the fondant — served with a scoop of ice cream — also seems to have a place on the menu of his London-based restaurant Heddon Street Kitchen.

Ramsay might have a particularly soft spot for the fondant — and, judging by the videos, who's to blame him? — because there's yet another post where the chef scoops up a piece of the cake while warm chocolate continues to ooze out. This time, fans couldn't take it anymore and asked the chef to share the recipe. "You better teach us how to make this," wrote one.

Luckily, Ramsay's website does indeed have a recipe for his famous dessert. It calls for only a handful of ingredients, a 9-minute bake time, and two forms of chocolate: cocoa powder and chopped dark chocolate. Per the recipe description, a perfect chocolate fondant should hold its shape upon being upturned onto a plate whilst still being delicate enough to slowly ooze chocolate when dug into. The fondant is best served with a cold scoop of vanilla ice cream, a dollop of whipped cream, or crème fraiche on top.