Popeyes Just Brought Back This Fan-Favorite Chicken Box

While Popeyes sometimes trails behind Chick-fil-A when it comes to which fast food chain has the best chicken sandwich, there's no denying that Popeyes still has delicious chicken to offer. We've made the argument that Popeyes is better than Chick-fil-A before, but today we're focusing on something more specific: Popeyes' box specials. Sometimes, these boxes come and go, but when they're available for purchase, that often spells good news for customers.

Examples of previous boxes include the Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box and the Popeyes Sampler, which gave customers a taste of nearly everything on the menu in one meal. If chicken is your go-to order at Popeyes, though, then it's time for you to order the chain's newly returned $5 Big Box. The Fast Food Post says that this deal is going to be available at participating Popeyes locations across the country for a limited time only. Here's what's inside.

What's included in the Popeyes $5 Big Box?

Of course, the key part of the $5 Big Box is the chicken, which can be your choice of two pieces of bone-in chicken (in mixed cuts) or three chicken tenders, according to The Fast Food Post. The meal comes with two normal-priced sides of your choosing, and you'll also get a biscuit in the box.

There is one small catch about the price, Chew Boom reports: The box is only available for $5 if you order through the Popeyes mobile app — or if you place an order online for pickup at a Popeyes restaurant. For anyone who plans to order a Big Box inside or at the drive-thru, it'll be $6. This appears to be one of the many recent instances of fast food chains trying to recruit customers to their mobile apps, which can feature rewards programs and exclusive deals.