Good News For Fans Of Popeyes' Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box

Popeyes is a popular fast food retailer that's managed to appeal to scores of fans over the years, thanks to its delicious food offerings. As highlighted by Money Inc., the restaurant offers a plethora of products such as fried chicken, jambalaya, red beans, and rice among others. One of the best things about the brand? It offers spicy fast food at super affordable rates. Plus, Popeyes isn't afraid to be innovative and experiment with its menu items such as Chicken Waffle Tenders and Beer Can Chicken (via Reader's Digest). Furthermore, the restaurant has managed to set the way forward for others in the industry. 

One offering that's been a success for Popeyes is the Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box. As per QSR Magazine, this meal is a classic favorite that's been popular among fans for many years. The Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box contains delicious items such as a biscuit, delectable fried shrimp, and more. Popeyes has reintroduced the cult item many times in the last few years, much to the delight of Popeyes connoisseurs. 

Popeyes often adds tweaks to the product, too. For example, in 2011, the brand launched a special Firecracker Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box for July 4th celebrations (via Food Beast). The box contained spicy shrimp in a special sauce, Cajun fries, and a buttermilk biscuit.

Popeyes is relaunching the Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box

There's great news for you if you're a fan of Popeyes and enjoy the Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box. According to a piece by Chewboomthe box is up for grabs again for Popeyes customers. It's priced at $5 and includes a yummy combination: four butterfly shrimp,  two chicken tenders, a side dish, dipping sauce, and a biscuit. Another option that you can opt for instead is the Shrimp Box and it includes eight butterfly shrimp, a biscuit, dipping sauce, and a side option. 

The prices may change depend on the Popeyes location you're dining at. But rest assured, you'll enjoy devouring this delicious meal after a stressful day. This is especially a good meal option if you're someone who enjoys variety and can't get enough of fast food. 

One Redditor weighed in and stated that they like the Butterfly Shrimp Surf & Turf Tackle Box. "The surf and turf box can be worth it," they explained. "I think [it's] a better meal overall than just the shrimp box." Excited to try this yet?