The Bizarre Foods Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Just Bought At The Mall

Rumors have been circling about a romantic relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson since they shared an onscreen kiss on "Saturday Night Live" (via YouTube). Ironically, the kiss took place in a skit that poked fun at the impossibility of the pair being romantically involved in real life — but it turns out it just might be possible after all. According to Us Weekly, this unexpected (and still unconfirmed) Hollywood couple shares several mutual friends: Davidson is best friends with Machine Gun Kelly, who is close with Kourtney Kardashian's fiancé, Travis Barker.

The pair also shares a connection to Kardashian's ex-husband, Kanye West. Davidson is connected to West through his pal Kid Cudi. Kardashian tweeted a few photos from Kid Cudi's birthday in January of 2019, which was a star-studded event attended by West, Timothée Chalamet, and Davidson. Considering all of these connections, some fans find that their pairing just makes sense. According to Page Six, Kardashian is "constantly giggling" and "acting like a teenager" when she is with the SNL star, which is supported by the fact that the couple recently had a date at the mall.

They got caramel apples and frozen bananas to satisfy their sweet tooth

Celebrities are people, too, and when their sugar cravings hit, to the mall they go. A source told Page Six that Kardashian and Davidson recently went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at the Camarillo Premium Outlets mall in Southern California to get caramel apples and frozen bananas. Maybe the fruit-based desserts align with their New Year's resolutions? If that's not the case, these seem like pedestrian treats to risk being swarmed by paparazzi over. Do they not have DoorDash?

Although this would be a funny and unique story for someone to make up, there is photographic evidence of the duo's dessert outing. Instagram account @DeuxMoi originally shared a photo of the pair leaving the outlet mall, which has since been taken down. Later, a North West spam account @norisblackbook reposted the original photo, which shows the couple dressed in all black and accompanied by security detail.