Giada De Laurentiis Is Doing Voice-Over Work In The Strangest Of Places

Giada De Laurentiis is a busy woman. Between promoting her book that came out last year, cooking up a storm, and taking care of her daughter Jade, who had COVID during the holidays, the celebrity chef has definitely had her hands full. Luckily, Jade is feeling better, allowing her mom to get back to work on her new Food Network show "Simply Giada," which debuted recently and focuses on healthy eating. Per Variety, De Laurentiis shared a statement articulating her enthusiasm for this new series, saying, "I'm excited to share all of the new projects I've been working on with viewers. Get ready for more adventure, fun...and pasta, of course!"

Of course, we are still living in a COVID world where things are being done in new and creative ways all the time. In fact, per a September 2021 Gallup Poll, 45% of employees reported that they were still working remotely, and the survey suggests that workers hope that this trend continues. While we aren't sure De Laurentiis is a fan of working from home, per her Instagram story, she is definitely rolling with it and doing her voice-over work in a seemingly strange place.

Closets are great for voice-over work

Giada De Laurentiis took to Instagram stories to show a photo of herself recording her voice-over from her closet. Hey, if you don't have access to a recording studio or one in your home, you make do, right? De Laurentiis appears to be having fun and taking it in stride as she posted a photo of herself wearing glasses, headphones, and a wide smile. The photo was captioned, "Morning VO . . .in my closet! #SimplyGiada @foodnetwork." Why would she choose a closet to do her recording? Apparently, it's a sound choice for avoiding the wrong kinds of noise.

According to a Medium article by podcast producer Saron Yitbarek, recording in the closet is "the ultimate podcasting hack." The closet can help limit the amount of "reverberations." The goal is to achieve a normal sound without any feedback or echo. All those clothes or padded walls can absorb those sounds. That's why a walk-in closet can be your best friend if you find yourself in a similar situation as De Laurentiis. As for what the food celeb was actually recording at the time, we are left to wonder. Perhaps the only way we will be able to figure it out is to tune into her new show.