Aldi Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over These Heart-Shaped Lava Cakes

Shoppers go to Aldi for its low prices and notoriously quick checkout times, but it may just be the grocery chain's seasonal and holiday-themed products that keep customers coming back. Each year, the German grocery store delights its customers with a variety of yummy treats for Easter, Halloween, and even Oktoberfest. But the winter holidays seem to be when Aldi goes all-out with festive goodies, decor, and even advent calendars that, year after year, customers can't seem to get enough of.

With Valentine's Day coming up, you may be curious about what the chain will have to offer. Some Aldi lovers are already finding Valentine's-themed products in the store, like these unique chocolate mood bars. There is another scrumptious dessert, however, that is sure to make your mouth water — heart-shaped lava cakes. 

The packaged treats were recently spotted in-store by some Aldi-loving Instagrammers, and the posts about the seasonal dessert have shoppers excited.

Aldi's Heart Lava Cakes are easy to make

Regardless of whether you're a sucker for romance or find Valentine's Day to be a drag, Aldi's Heart Lava Cakes seem like a treat we can all get behind. Consisting of two heart-shaped chocolate cakes with raspberry centers and a rich, chocolate sauce filling, this packaged dessert can be found in the freezer section of your local Aldi for just $2.99 a box (via Aldi Reviewer). As an added bonus, the treats are super easy to make, with the box instructing to "just heat and serve."

With so many great things going for this Valentine's-themed product, it's no wonder Aldi fans are eager to get their hands on a box. One Instagram post already has Aldi lovers fired up as comments include "I haven't found these yet and I'm dying to try them. They look so good" and "2 boxes of those please!!!" 

A similar photo shared by another Aldi fan also inspired some users, with heart-eye emojis filling the comment section and one romantic stating "These are so cute! Perfect for date night." 

Considering how popular the grocer's non-heart-shaped chocolate lava cakes are, we can't say we're surprised at the hype behind these Valentine's day treats.