Aldi Shoppers Are Psyched To Try These Unique Chocolate Mood Bars

Astor Chocolate tapped into something special when they released their signature Moodibars. According to the company's website, the packaging on these chocolate bars reflects a wide range of emotions that fall anywhere between excited and grumpy. For a time, anyone who wanted to show off their mood in a colorful way could find a bar of corresponding chocolate that fit their emotion. It looks like Aldi wants you to do the same with their new product.

Instagrammer @aldifavoritefinds discovered a similar line of chocolate at their local Aldi. The chocolate bars each express a different Valentine's day mood with a face on the packaging. They couldn't help but post a picture of a Silly bar, which is filled with milk chocolate and almond bits, and a Flirty bar, which features strawberry champagne-flavored dark chocolate and popping candy. They captioned the image, "Choceur Mood Bars for Valentines Day! Swipe the photos to see the flavors. All four of these came home with me and I will give them to my family on February 14th," and followers seemed to love the treats. 

Valentine's Day candy that has the internet talking

The social media post immediately got followers excited, as seen in some excited replies. One commenter wrote, "These are so cute too!" Another exclaimed, "I did the exact same thing! Bought all of them and saving for Valentine's Day." While many loved the item, one user didn't share the sentiment and said, "I bought this brand [of] chocolate when they had them in Christmas wrappers ... I didn't like them. The chocolate has a weird flavor. Too bad cause the wrapping is so cute. Tastes like dollar store chocolate." 

While the chocolate hasn't impressed everyone, Aldi continues to roll out more and more Valentine's Day candy that will hopefully satisfy your tastebuds. The Instagram user @ohheyaldi shared a video of all the Aldi Valentine's Day chocolate in the area, including the new mood bars. It appears the grocery chain plans to pull out all the stops this year and ensure everyone can get their hands on romantic candy, some of which reflects the moods of the season.