Domino's Wings: What To Know Before Ordering

Has any food had a better glow-up than the chicken wing? Formerly seen by many as a throwaway part of the bird, chicken wings found new meaning in the 1960s as a delicious, hot sauce-coated finger food (via USA Today). The mind behind their re-purposing is still debated. However, one thing that's for sure is that whoever whipped up that first batch of hot wings certainly did a favor for Americans, who, according to C Store Decisions, were expected to chow down on a whopping 1.42 billion wings during last year's Super Bowl alone.

In addition to becoming an integral part of the menu on football's biggest night of the year, wings have also found a BFF in none other than pizza during their journey to stardom. Per Thrillist, La Nova Pizzeria (located in Buffalo, New York, of course) was the instigator of this now-iconic pairing, which gained serious attention after the restaurant began offering the dishes together in pizza packs in the '90s. By the end of the decade, wings and 'za could be found on the menu at nearly every major pizza chain including Domino's, where you can still pick up the duo of delicacies today.

However, before you do, you may be interested in learning a bit more about Domino's take on the beloved poultry product, including what flavors are available and how much they cost. We've got all those answers and more right here. Here's everything you need to know.

When did Domino's start serving wings?

Now, we've already told you that most of the pizza chains jumped on the wing train in the 1990s (via Thrillist), but what we didn't tell you was that out of all of the big names in 'za, Domino's was actually the first to get on board. According to the chain's website, bone-in wings were the Michigan pizza giant's first-ever poultry product that landed on menus in 1994. They were announced with a unique, nationwide advertising campaign that featured a winged buffalo and, later, the tagline "Gotta be Domino's," which was sung in the style of "We Will Rock You" by Queen (via AdAge).

One commercial that aired during the year of the wings' debut described them as "mouthwatering chicken wings smothered in a delectably spicy sauce" (via YouTube). A second ad that, according to the YouTube description, was released in 1995, revealed that the company had added mild and barbeque flavor options. In 2002, Domino's began catering to boneless wing lovers as well with the introduction of Buffalo Chicken Kickers, which The Houston Chronicle said were breaded pieces of white meat chicken that were tossed in buffalo sauce and baked in the pizza oven.

By 2011, Domino's had completed a major revamp of its poultry to provide "better texture and flavor" to its bone-in wings and more customization options for the boneless variety (via Domino's website). Restaurant Business says another overhaul of the chicken menu was performed less than a decade later.

What are Domino's wings like now?

Nearly 30 years after Domino's delivered its first batch of chicken wings, the chain is still dishing them out to hungry customers looking to add a little bit of variety to their pizza night – though the wings of today are a bit different from those of the past. As we previously mentioned, Domino's chicken wings underwent yet another makeover in 2020, specifically to the bone-in variety. "We totally redesigned the wing, from fat content to texture, to preparation and sauces," Domino's Chief Marketing Officer Art D'Elia said (via Restaurant Business). The "greatly improved" menu item was re-launched in July that year after undergoing three years of research and development.

Now, the chain sources its poultry from four different suppliers to provide customers with wings that have a "better, firmer texture," which ultimately helps them hold up during the delivery journey after being baked in the pizza oven and slathered in sauce. And speaking of sauce, Domino's also introduced two new varieties into the lineup, including one classic we're surprised it was missing in the first place – but be patient, we're not quite there yet. The eatery also still serves up boneless wings, which it promises on its website are made from 100% whole white breast meat and lightly breaded with a blend of "savory herbs."

Are there different flavors of wings?

Wing connoisseurs will probably tell you that a tangy, spicy Buffalo sauce is the only condiment worthy of coating your flats and drums, but not everyone enjoys food that sets their mouth ablaze. Domino's knows this, which is why it offers its wings in a myriad of flavors that are sure to satisfy any palette.

Of course, the pizzeria sells both Hot and Mild Buffalo wings for customers that appreciate the dish in its classic form – though you may be surprised to learn these were missing from the menu for some time until the great wing re-vamp of 2020 (via Restaurant Business). Garlic Parmesan wings were also introduced, joining the fan-favorite Sweet Mango Habanero and an upgraded Honey BBQ. Additionally, customers can also get their wings sauce-free.

As for boneless wings, Domino's only offers them in plain, breaded form, but you'll also be given a choice of dipping sauce to kick them up a notch. Per Domino's website, dipping sauce options include BBQ, Blue Cheese, Kicker Hot Sauce, Sweet Mango Habanero and Ranch, all of which can accompany your bone-in wings as well.

Domino's also serves up Specialty Chicken options that consist of its boneless wings topped with various fixings like bacon and tomato or spicy pineapple and jalapeno. While referred to as wings, boneless wings aren't considered actual chicken wings by some people, who presumably would not deem them worthy of being grouped with their superior, bone-in counterpart.

Are Domino's wings nutritious?

"Chicken wings" and "nutritious" aren't exactly synonymous. However, as Eat This, Not That!, points out, all of the wings that Domino's serves up are baked rather than fried, giving them a bit of a leg up right off the bat in terms of nutrition. Verywell Fit claims that the chain's boneless wings are the best overall option nutritionally, and when it comes to the traditional variety, some flavors are better than others.

Plain bone-in wings provide 250 calories per four-piece serving, according to the Domino's Nutrition Guide, but when has anybody ever wanted dry flats and drums? A four-count serving of either Mild or Hot Buffalo wings from Domino's will provide you with the classic bar food for 10 calories more. Meanwhile, the Garlic Parmesan option has 390 calories per serving, while a four-count order of the Honey BBQ and Sweet Mango Habanero varieties each ring in at 310 calories.

On the other hand, both the Mild and Hot Buffalo wings from Domino's contain high amounts of sodium – 1,420 mg and 1,520 mg, respectively. With the CDC recommending that Americans keep their daily sodium intake under 2,300 mg a day, these Domino's options wings would account for more than half the suggested amount.

How much do they cost?

Domino's has long been a place to go when you're seeking out a tasty meal that won't completely drain your bank account. Under the chain's Mix & Match deal, for example, customers can pair a medium, two-topping pie with an 8-piece order of boneless chicken for just $5.99 each, or you can opt for an 8-count order of any flavor of bone-in wings for an upcharge (via Domino's). But what about the nights when you want to skip the 'za and just get an order of wings? Well, there will be an offer for that, which you could use depending on how far you travel.

Domino's shared in January that it was adjusting its national value offer. Based on the updated terms, for the cost of $7.99 and a trip to your local Domino's, you can indulge the chain's wings. However, due to the supply chain issues and labor shortages the restaurant industry is currently facing, Restaurant Business reports that the company decided to adjust this carryout deal to only include eight bone-in wings rather than 10. Additionally, the offer will only be available to orders placed online.

If you're looking to feed a crowd, Domino's sells its chicken in larger counts as well. Bone-in wings are typically also offered in 16- and 32-piece orders while the boneless variety can be purchased in 10, 16, and 32 counts. Price and availability may differ by location, but you can go to Domino's website to check the going rates in your area.

Do Domino's wings taste good?

With Domino's recent change in the number of chicken wings you get per order, you may be wondering if you'd be better off getting your fix of the spicy finger food somewhere else. However, the pizzeria is hardly the only restaurant that has found itself having to make adjustments to portion sizes or prices. In terms of price-to-wing ratio, you may not necessarily be able to find a better deal somewhere else, not to mention there's the fact that, for being from a pizza place, Domino's wings aren't that bad.

Following the menu item's re-vamp in 2020, Brand Eating said that Domino's new chicken wings were "more flavorful and not as oddly plumped" as their previous version, though they didn't offer much in terms of crispiness. a self-identified Domino's pizza assistant manager on Quora suggested asking that the wings be run through the oven two or three times when placing your order. The chain's boneless wings also seem to be decent, especially when paired with the ranch dipping sauce (via Censtable Momma).

Flavorwise, The Takeout ranked the Garlic Parmesan as the best, describing them as the "messy, oh-so-tasty junk food you want to dive into at the end of a no-good very bad day." Hip2Save said their taste-tester Stetson favored Honey BBQ the most but also found the Buffalo wings enjoyable, noting that they had "just the right amount of zest."