The Costco Food Court Item You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Costco is not just for those that have large families. Single folks and couples alike rave of their membership cards because of the cult fan favorite items sold at Costco. Fresh produce, tasty prepared meals, and an epic frozen section all contribute to making this store like no other grocery store shopping experience.

And let's not forget the other huge selling point of shopping at Costco: the Costco food court. We'll admit knowing that we get to stop for a snack on the way out after a big grocery haul is just the motivation we need to get our butts off the couch on a weekend and get the grocery shopping done. The Costco food court carries many items that vary by region, and thanks to COVID, not all of these options may be available in your area. This list is based on what we found at our local Costco. Read below to find the best Costco food court item to purchase based on your Zodiac sign.

Hot dog: Sagittarius

A Sagittarius loves to wander, talk to others, and be free. Your ultimate goal is to ponder the meaning of life, per Nothing gives you more freedom than a handheld, quick-to-eat, and cheap-to-order menu item. You're not particular or picky. You are simply along for the ride and will take whatever food item is easiest. When you get to the Costco food court, you order the hot dog.

Acai bowl: Aries

As an Aries, you're the leader of the pack, according to You like to lead new and trendy movements. This is why the Costco Acai Bowl is your go-to. You don't want any typical food court items, you want something you'd find at a hip California beach juice bar. With your initiatory attitude, you convince all your friends to order acai bowls too. After all, who still eats hot dogs? It's 2022.

Chicken Caesar salad: Capricorn

As a Capricorn, you have a solid work ethic. Hard work and doing things the right way don't intimidate you, per In fact, you thrive when your engines are firing at full capacity. When you visit Costco, your order is a chicken Caesar salad. This balanced meal is the healthiest choice on the menu. Your determination allows you to stick to a healthy diet, even when surrounded by many other less healthy alternatives.

Pizza: Virgo

Per, Virgos thrive on efficiency. It simply doesn't make sense to you why someone would order any menu item at the Costco food court other than the pizza. It's the most cost-effective way to feed a crowd. Not to mention, serving pizza is incredibly easy and quick. When someone asks for your advice, you are not afraid to give it. You feel it's your duty to offer your practical analysis. And at the Costco food court, pizza is the only way to go.

Churro: Leo

Leos are always bringing the party with them. According to, they are usually the center of attention and even a tad dramatic. When you go to Costco, you choose the churro because it's sugary and has flair. You want the tastiest option available, with a tad of sparkle. You feel that life's too short to not enjoy every moment. And one way to truly enjoy the moment is to indulge in Costco churros, often.

Chicken bake: Cancer

Per, Cancers are homebodies who love all things comfort. Nothing says comfort more than the warm, meaty, starchy Costco chicken bake. These chicken bakes are essentially Hot Pockets filled with chicken breast, caesar dressing, bacon, and cheese. This hearty food court item is ideal for Cancers, as Cancers need nostalgic traditions in their lives. So grab a few chicken bakes to serve to your loved ones all snuggled up at home.

Non-fat vanilla yogurt: Pisces

As a true devotee to their inner spiritual journey, a Pisces will choose non-fat vanilla yogurt at the Costco food court. According to, they are prone to reflection and daydreaming. With an interest to grow personally, they can easily follow a healthy diet to pursue a better version of themselves. A non-fat vanilla yogurt may not sound as appealing as the ice cream sundae, but to a Pisces, making a healthier choice to better yourself is worth it.

Hot turkey & provolone sandwich: Libra

Libras don't like doing anything alone. Per, they work best when in a group, ideally a pair. Libras recognize that some things are better managed together than alone. The Costco food court item that reflects the emphasis on the dynamic duo is the hot turkey & provolone sandwich. And we agree, there is nothing more tasty than this power couple: turkey and provolone. Libras love a successful partnership like this.

BBQ brisket Sandwich: Gemini

According to, Geminis are known for their big imaginations (and you may have to use your imagination to taste the brisket sandwich, as it's been discontinued in many stores). You don't like the simple and mundane. Instead, you celebrate anything that is unique, unorthodox, and different. You're fascinated by the BBQ brisket sandwich offered in the Costco food court. While the other food court items are boring and expected, the brisket sandwich requires time, patience, and care to make. When you go to Costco, you are always sure to order this specialty sandwich.

Ice cream sundae: Taurus

Tauruses are very stubborn and are often only motivated by rewards, per You enjoy the finer things in life and have a desire for abundance. In true Taurus fashion, after stocking up on a big grocery haul at Costco for your family, you deserve to indulge in an ice cream sundae on your way out. It's only fair! That trip was exhausting and you need to celebrate a job well done.

Fruit smoothie: Aquarius

According to, Aquariuses are known as being very humanitarian. While you typically shop at your local farmers market or grow your own vegetables, you like to shop at Costco every now and then to purchase food for charity donations. You love that Costco reuses its boxes as a way of transporting customers' purchases. When you choose an item at the food court, you select the fruit smoothie. While it's served in a plastic cup, which is not ideal, you appreciate that no animals were harmed in the preparation of this item.

Chicken wings: Scorpio

Scorpios are known for being rather nosy, always prying into others' lives, per With a strong sense of intuition, you know exactly when there is more to the story that others are telling and your inquisitive detective techniques allow you to coerce it out of them. When you get to the Costco food court, you order a plate of chicken wings. This is the perfect order to enjoy with a friend. While you both eat, you are able to ask the essential questions to get to the bottom of things.