Geoffrey Zakarian's Chilean Sea Bass With Thyme Has Instagram Drooling

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian often shows off what food he's eating on Instagram. We've gotten a glimpse at one of his favorite desserts (pavlova and profiteroles), and Instagram has begged for Zakarian to share his chili recipe. Now, Zakarian is giving us more insight into how he makes his Chilean sea bass.

In a recent Instagram post, Zakarian got plenty of positive reactions to his fish dish. Here's what commenters had to say: "My mouth is watering – this looks absolutely divine!!!!!" and "Chilean Sea Bass is my fave!! OMYum!" One person was extra enthusiastic, writing, "GZ I'm packing my bags and coming to move in with you and your family. Cool? Cool."

In the caption of his post, Zakarian ends by saying you should serve your sea bass with Frank Sinatra. In the video itself, "The Best Is Yet To Come" sung by Frank Sinatra and Count Basie, is playing. Some fans loved Sinatra and commented about Zakarian's music taste, so it looks like his song choices and recipes are approved by fans.

How to make Zakarian's Chilean sea bass

If you want to try out Zakarian's Chilean sea bass for dinner, then head over to his Instagram post to see his instructions. This is a pretty straightforward dish, and the best part is that everything can go in one pan before it goes into the oven, so there's less to clean up once you're done with your meal.

Start off with a layer of cherry tomatoes, slices of lemon, olive oil, and fresh herbs at the bottom of your sheet pan. A couple of the comments pointed out that Zakarian seems to have quite a bit of olive on his pan, and while he doesn't give an exact amount of olive oil, we think that you can adjust this to your liking. Zakarian then says to add 5 ounces of fish to your pan and top it off with some salt, pepper, and olive tapenade. Then finish the dish with some white wine and more fresh herbs before putting it in the oven for 15 minutes at 400 F.

While Zakarian uses thyme as his fresh herb of choice and Chilean sea bass, this recipe is super flexible. You can use whatever herbs that you have on hand and different types of fish. Plus, if you're not a fan of olives, feel free to skip the tapenade. And if you need more inspiration for your fish, try this simple baked recipe for mahi mahi.