20% Think This Is The Worst Item On Costco's Food Court Menu

Costco is always overflowing with great deals, limited-time offers, and copious amounts of food — if not even just in the many samples that tempt shoppers at the end of nearly every aisle. But even with carts and bellies full, some people still make it part of their ritual to visit the food court every time they make a trip. Over the past couple of years, much has changed with Costco's food court. From only allowing members to order a meal to the ever-growing list of popular menu items that leave and return, like the churro, the changes have been met with both positive and negative reactions. Even so, Costco always offers a great value, and that continues to drive customers to fit in a meal with their shopping trip.

One of the iconic food court menu items is the hot dog and drink combo. As Business Insider has reported, the $1.50 combo has not seen a price hike in years even as many other food businesses have continued to raise their prices due to inflation. Whether it's the volume of hot dogs sold or the member loyalty to that classic food item, the company has been committed to keeping the value of it. Yet it's not the only food option tempting customers. There's also pizza, salads, sandwiches, and desserts, ensuring people will not only have a favorite, but have some pretty strong opinions on which Costco food court menu item is the best — and unfortunately, the worst.

Costco's Chicken Bake might need a makeover

From the aroma of a freshly-baked pizza to the value of the hot dog combo, the Costco food court menu could give many quick-service restaurants a run for their money. Although, some choices are tastier and more popular than others. To figure out which option is the least favorite, Mashed conducted a survey to get readers' opinions on the matter and ultimately declare which Costco food court menu item is deemed the worst.

According to the 609 U.S.-based survey respondents, the Costco Chicken Bake ranked as the worst menu item, taking a total of 20.53% of the vote. Although the reasoning is not specified, it could have something to do with its gigantic calorie count, or maybe some people just prefer food that doesn't require a fork and knife. While the Costco Chicken Bake tops the worst list, it wasn't alone in its share of dislike. The Hot Turkey & Provolone Sandwich also netted a close 20.20% of the vote, while the Chicken Caesar Salad came in with 16.42% of people deeming it the worst item. Falling in the middle of the pack were the BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich with 15.93% of the vote and the All Beef Hot Dog with 14.61%. 

Not surprisingly, the pizza ranked the best with only 12.32% saying it was their least favorite, making it a sure bet to order the next time you visit Costco's food court. While this survey may not impact any Costco menu updates, it is some tasty food fodder to chew on before your next trip.