The Cracker Barrel Breakfast Chris Jericho Challenged 'Fast Foodies' To Recreate

Chris Jericho is the very model of a modern Renaissance man. He's primarily known as a pro wrestler, and according to an Instagram post by Jericho, he's at least a 37-time champion. He's a six-time WWF/WWE world champion (via the WWE website) and also a multi-title holder with WCW and ECW. At present, he's one of the biggest stars signed to AEW and is the company's first-ever world champion. He's also got a successful side gig going as the lead vocalist for Fozzy and has the distinction of having written his own entrance song. He knows how it feels to walk to the ring at an AEW show while thousands of fans serenade him by singing along to "Judas"(via YouTube). In addition to his dual career as a wrestling rock star, Jericho has also extended his talents to hosting a game show and appearing on "Dancing With the Stars."

Chris Jericho may be a man of many talents, but there is one thing he admits he's not so great at, that being cooking. He described his culinary expertise to as "basically [a] lack of skills" but said he found the opportunity to do a cooking show to be "very intriguing, very interesting to me." Even though he doesn't cook, he does love to eat, so he was happy to appear on a recent episode of "Fast Foodies" – not as a contestant, but to judge how well the chefs recreated his favorite Cracker Barrel breakfast.

Jericho did get in on the breakfast-making

If you haven't seen TruTV's "Fast Foodies," the way it works is,  the show's chefs do their best to recreate a celebrity guest's favorite fast food meal. So what meal did Jericho have them work their wonders on? He told TV Insider he didn't want to go with a burger or pizza, so instead had them recreate Cracker Barrel's Momma's Pancake Breakfast. While Jericho usually steers clear of fast food,  he said that when taping AEW shows in Jacksonville, he likes to stop by Cracker Barrel to enjoy this meal of pancakes served with fried apples, turkey sausage, and eggs. (Unlike "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Jericho apparently refrains from getting involved in breakfast chain brawls.)

All of the chefs did their best to recreate Cracker Barrel's original breakfast, also managing to teach the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla a few new skills such as cracking an egg with one hand and making what he boasted were "perfectly-shaped sausage patties" (via YouTube). After doing the meal straight the first time, the chefs then chose elements of that meal and performed what Jericho calls "magic and artistry" with it, turning it into "more of a gourmet style of meal." Sounds like the only thing missing was a little bit of the bubbly!