Everything We Know About Wingstop's New Futuristic Restaurant

Have you ever sat down to eat in a Wingstop restaurant? If so, you're in the vast, vast minority of customers. In fact, almost 100% of orders at the chicken wing chain are for delivery or carryout. This information has inspired Wingstop's newest restaurant concept, which just opened near the company's headquarters in Dallas, Texas (via PR Newswire). Located in a shopping center on Lovers Lane, the new restaurant lacks dining tables, and operations are optimized for pickup and delivery orders placed digitally.

The experimental location is smaller than an average Wingstop, and it has a modular design, meaning it can be rearranged and reconfigured as needed to test new layouts. It will also be used to test new restaurant equipment, and will be "a true innovation lab for unlimited flavor possibilities," according to the company. The restaurant will be totally cashless, with the goal of 100% of orders being placed digitally, and there will be a focus on sustainability with energy efficient appliances, eco-friendly grease extraction techniques, and employee uniforms made from recycled water bottles. Customers will also be able to order their tried-and-true Wingstop favorites at the new location.

Wingstop's new restaurant is part of a growing trend

Wingstop isn't the only fast food restaurant in recent years to hop on the digital ordering trend or open up an experimental location. In August 2022, Taco Bell will be opening "Taco Bell Defy" in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, a new concept that will also be focusing on digital ordering. It offers customers features like a four lane drive-thru, contactless pick-up, and digital check-in screens for mobile orders.

McDonald's also recently opened up a futuristic new location in Chicago. It has an AI-run drive-thru, which aims to increase efficiency and cut down on order wait times by having a Siri and Alexa-like voice help customers complete their food orders. Panera has made some big digital upgrades recently too, including the implementation of contactless ordering kiosks and an updated app. With the opening of its new experimental, digitally-focused location, it looks like Wingstop is keeping in step with the competition.