Here's What Mindy Kaling Ate For The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is about three things: football, snacks, and commercials. While your favorite game day snacks may vary depending on where you live – meatballs in South Carolina, giant cheese balls in Ohio, 7-layer dip in Arizona — there are a few classics we can all agree on.

Regardless of your location, the Super Bowl likely brings to mind hamburgers, nachos, chicken wings, and chili. According to Marca, more than 1.4 billion chicken wings are consumed on Super Bowl Sundays. After all, what's an American get-together without chicken wings and beer?

If you watched the game, you probably posted about it on social media because, well, that's what you do. Maybe it was a picture of the TV, maybe a picture of the family wearing their favorite team's colors, or maybe it was a picture of your nachos. Even celebrities got their posts in. Martha Stewart and Guy Fieri (that's an unexpected combo) shared a photo from the SoFi stadium on Instagram

The "camera eats first" trend is still alive and well

We know Mindy Kaling best from The Office, but she's familiar with the food world as well. In 2021 she launched her own web series demonstrating ways to cook with HelloFresh meal kits (via Parade). Kaling is also a big fan of meal prep, says Shape, as it makes cooking quick and easy.

Naturally, blogging about food hacks and meal prep leads to a lot of food pictures. Even though this "camera eats first" trend has faded into the background, Kaling seems to enjoy bringing it back out every once in a while.

During the Super Bowl, she posted on her Instagram story a photo of loaded nachos (via People). She captioned the story, "Do you like to know what we are eating? Oh well, gonna post anyway." She also posted an image of a deviled egg dressed up with some prosciutto. While some people may scoff at food posts, they're a great way to find inspiration.