Fans Are Loving Martha Stewart And Guy Fieri's Super Bowl Meetup

2022's tackle fest produced a scene that would encourage, perhaps even dare people to dream of something they've never seen before and might never see. No, not the Cincinnati Bengals with a Lombardy trophy. While it's true that the Bengals – who despite being big cats were seen as underdogs - still have yet to win a Super Bowl (via NBC Sports), this isn't about a way-above-average Joe named Burrow. It's about a guy named Fieri and the veritable fever dream he and Martha Stewart inspired.

It was apparently baked in the brain of Twitter user David Angelo, who posted an image of the food celebs at the big game and wrote, "Tell me you [wouldn't] pay $50 to see a movie Guy Fieri playing a con-artist trying to scam a friendly suburban widow played by Martha, who happens to be herself a retired con-artist?" KennyFresh suggested in reply, "Only if he's billed as 'Mayor of Flavortown.'" Just imagine it.

Maybe the Mayor of Flavor Town could portray a character called "Frosted Fakes," a play on Fieri's frosted tips and the fact that his character's a serial fraudster. Meanwhile, Stewart could play "Plane Jane," arguably a fitting allusion to her head-turning flex about flying to the Super Bowl. But even if not a single person paid 50 cents, let alone $50, to watch such a picture, the photo of Stewart and Fieri might have been priceless to fans.

This picture is worth 100,000 likes

Martha Stewart shared the photo on Instagram. She was just a drop in the sea of humanity at SoFi stadium, which held about 70,000 spectators. But she still made a splash with a little help from Guy Fieri, who stood with game-goers in the section below and pointed at her. "Great seat. Lots of passes by including this guy. @guyfieri !!! Great super bowl," wrote Stewart. The post has collected well over 100,000 likes.

"HANG THIS IN THE F***ING LOUVRE," recommended a commenter. User C8_thegr8, whose handle might remind you of Catherine the Great, crowned Fieri and Stewart as monarchs of the food world: "King and queen of cuisine, and that's [that]." Of course, some might organize the hierarchy a bit differently. As peterlauer said of the cuisine queen, "you lording over guy fieri restores my faith in the natural order of the universe martha."

Chef Crista Luedtke seemed to notice that Flavortown's mayor sported the same outfit and glasses that he wore in the "Land of Loud Flavors" for his Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda ad. "The mayor @guyfieri is super on brand with his look and his cocktail," wrote Luedtke, who punctuated the observation with flame emojis. That whole ad looked like a dream sequence. So it's only appropriate that amanda_eieio seemed to find the image of Fieri and Stewart together at the Super Bowl pretty surreal: "Omg what dreams are made of."