Instagram Can't Get Enough Of Martha Stewart Hanging With Drake

Over the weekend of the Super Bowl, Martha Stewart reminded fans she remains of the most aspirational celebrities alive. From hopping on her private jet to attend the Super Bowl in style to attending elaborate events with NFL big whigs and entertainers, the 80-year-old business mogul was living her best life on the West Coast.

Stewart treated her followers to several posts documenting the experience, including photos of her encounters with fellow celebrities, including a Super Bowl meetup with Guy Fieri. She also reunited with longtime best bud Snoop Dogg at the "Puppy Bowl."

But there was one particular detail from Stewart's epic weekend that had the internet talking days later. As People reported, on February 12, the famous homemaker was spotted partying with chart-topping hip-hop and R&B star Drake at the NFL Owners' Dinner in Beverly Hills. It must have been quite a fun event, because that evening, the lifestyle guru documented the meetup in a post showing two photos of them smiling together on her personal Instagram, alongside a series of pics showing off the glamorous scene at the party.

In the caption, Stewart detailed how she came across the "God's Plan" rapper, noting that her makeup artist, Nicole Daisy Toye, saw him first and decided to make conversation before introducing them."Everyone was trying to get a table -of course @champagnepapi had no trouble and his heavily guarded space was behind a screen in the outdoor area. @daisybeautytoye spied him and made friends immediately," Stewart wrote.

Drake and Martha, certified party lovers

As is the case when two icons link up, Drake and Martha Stewart's meeting inspired many excited reactions from fans on Instagram. Many expressed their admiration for the lifestyle guru's ability to be in with the in-crowd. "Living your best life in your 80s" gushed one user next to a heart-eyes emoji. "FLEX on em Martha" added another, throwing in a fire emoji to show their support for her fun lifestyle. "I want to be this fabulous," gushed another. Another commenter seemed to tacitly acknowledge Stewart's favorable relationship with folks in the hip-hop community in particular, writing, "Martha's an OG, with Swag".

Despite the age difference (and the fact that they come from totally different worlds), Stewart and Drake have more in common than one might think. Both share a fondness for the finer things in life, including private jets, good wine, and elaborate parties. That they could become close friends after this meeting isn't too far-fetched. Perhaps one day, fans will even get a television special where they compare favorite macaroni and cheese recipes.

Regardless of what the future holds, the Instagram post is at 90,000 likes and counting. Fans are here for Stewart's new friendship with the Canadian rapper — or, at least, the possibility of it. "This is the content I come on [Instagram] for," admitted one fan. "I'm making this my [phone] background."