Martha Stewart Turns Heads With This Super Bowl Flex

Martha Stewart's heading to the Super Bowl. Between the fact that Martha and Snoop Dogg will appear in a commercial for BIC lighters and that Snoop Dogg will take part in the fabled halftime show, Stewart's attendance should not come as a surprise. However, the fact that she is going to the Super Bowl is not the flex. How she chose to go there is. 

On Instagram, Stewart posted pictures from her trip, which involved flying in a private jet and having gourmet bagel sandwiches. "If you gotta go to the @superbowl2022 this is one way to do it !!!" she commented. Historically, Martha Stewart hasn't exactly shied away from sharing the perks of her fame. For example, she showed Twitter another private plane trip she took when picking up a couple of French bulldogs (via People). Rather than ruining some relatable persona, the posts mainly seem to reinforce the picture of Stewart having a luxurious life.

The Super Bowl post certainly attracted its share of responses that acknowledged Stewart's literally jet-setting image. "Ain't no flex like a Martha flex," user shanellepersaud nodded in apparent approval. "You earned it," haddyhill declared, "enjoy every minute."  In a similar vein, e_lisakate wrote, "No one does it better than our queen Martha!" With almost 57,000 likes, you probably get just how enthused these fans can get. Though, not everyone lavished the post with praise.

Even stars suffer shade

Martha Stewart's Super Bowl romp did not receive universal adulation though. Just a near-universal one, it seems. A few people took issue with the private jet. "Thank god #climatechange rests for the Super Bowl," commenter marbles1971 snarked. Another sarcastic comment written by gleemore in all caps seemingly shouted, "Oh oops Carbon Footprint doll! VERY LARGE." "Ugh," a third groaned, "this is killing the ozone layer." As the BBC covered in 2021, commercial flights produce more carbon emissions than other forms of transportation. And according to "an expert in decarbonizing transport at University of Oxford," private jets make things "even worse." The issue is the amount of fuel burned to transport one person.

Other critics seem to focus on how the overall image that was being projected. User tf_1979 declared, "Everything about this post makes me ill." Others remarked on how unrelated or unaffordable they thought the trip looked. But some commenters chastise Stewart's flex or praise it. As 2sassey wrote, "No judgment."