Gordon Ramsay's Restaurants Ranked From Worst To Best

Gordon Ramsay fans are well aware of his high standards in the kitchen. Most of Ramsay's TV shows — "Hell's Kitchen," "Kitchen Nightmares," "The F Word," among others — entail him becoming so passionate about food that he starts screaming to get his point across. Meat and pasta must be cooked perfectly, sauces must be seasoned, and textures, across the board, must be ideal. 

Considering that Ramsay has many restaurants scattered around the globe, he has plenty of chances to perfect every single detail. Dining experiences at Ramsay's restaurants range from grease-laden fast-casual to Michelin star fine dining and everything in between. If you're wondering how Ramsay's restaurants stack up, we've compiled a list that ranks his establishments from worst to best. 

Whether you're looking for the next dinner option or just want to know if Ramsay practices what he preaches, this list will help you sort through some of Ramsay's restaurants. Read on to discover our evaluations of his various establishments — the huge successes, the major flops, and all the in-betweens.  

18. York & Albany

York & Albany is Gordon Ramsay's boutique hotel that houses its own restaurant. The hotel, which is a classic English townhome, is striking in terms of decor, decked out in varying shades of purple. 

The restaurant offers classic British dishes like fish and chips and Sunday roast, both of which seem to be reviewer favorites. However, one reviewer on Google received a less than stellar batch of fish and chips: "Fish and chips quality were under any possible standard. It wasn't fresh and it [tastes] like it's been actually cooked hours ago from frozen."

Others feel that York & Albany's prices don't match their quality. As per a review on Google, "If Gordon Ramsay visited this restaurant I think there would be a lot of shouting. Simply put this place is overpriced. £10 for three half chicken wings is daylight robbery." 

York & Albany is redeemed by its central location in Regent's Park, London, and its friendly service. However, if you hold this restaurant to the same high standard Ramsay does on his various shows, you're leaving the door open for disappointment.

17. Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill

The Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill has branches in Atlantic City, NJ and Las Vegas, NV. As its name suggests, it's part English pub, part grill. The locations suggest that the Ramsay team is going for fun vibes via exciting flavors and lots of beer — the Las Vegas branch (positioned in Caesars Palace) even connects to the casino floor. The menu has standard English pub fare like fish and chips, beef wellington, onion and ale soup as well as Ramsay's twists on classic staples, such as Maine lobster pot pie.

It's not that Pub & Grill is bad. It's just that for a restaurant that promises so much, it falls short. There are some service issues, for starters. According to one reviewer on Tripadvisor who dined at the Atlantic City location, "We felt incredibly rushed. [The server] was unable to make suggestions! She did not ask if we wanted more drinks after we were served dinner ... She stuck a candle in a cold piece of yellow cake and plopped it on the table in front of my friend for his birthday and then gave us the bill."

This also might not be the best restaurant for non-meat eaters, which doesn't come as a huge surprise. Another Tripadvisor review said, "I'm very disappointed that out of everything, they cut the vegetarian options from the menu ... Gordon Ramsay just lost a customer because they don't actually think about everyone eating there. Salad is not a meal!!"

16. Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is home to yet another famed Gordon Ramsay restaurant: Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen. This restaurant gives Ramsay fans the same vibes as his TV show. The interior has a red and blue kitchen, along with a massive dining area that seats more than 300 people. 

Unfortunately, Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen doesn't win any marks on taste. The meat dishes suffer from execution issues. One Tripadvisor review remarked, "The braised short ribs had a burnt taste all the way through. A friend got the beef Wellington and the pastry just fell off so she really could not taste it."

Another Tripadvisor diner even suggests that Ramsay include the restaurant as a contestant for one of his shows: "We used to love Hell's Kitchen and, as Las Vegas residents, we frequently recommended it as one of Vegas' finest to all who asked for an opinion. No More. This restaurant needs a rebirth and unless it takes some quick corrective action, it will be a candidate for Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares show."

15. The River Restaurant

The River Restaurant by Gordon Ramsay is aptly situated, with sprawling views of the River Thames. It aims to showcase "the very best shellfish and seafood the UK has to offer." It's also one of two Gordon Ramsay restaurants located within the famed Savoy Hotel in London. Right away, these facts create high expectations for the quality of food and seafood preparation at this restaurant. 

This is a relatively new restaurant, having opened in October 2021 (via The Savoy London). Sadly, the overall concept simply isn't fresh or exciting. Evening Standard's David Ellis was left underwhelmed by the meal: "But with such a name above the door, and at £250 for two, with just half a bottle of wine, no puddings and no coffee, is it too much to want a little more?"

Overall, the food is decent but it's hard to look past the massive service issues and the lack of innovation. One reviewer on Google, who received the wrong meal and drinks order, remarked, "[I]t was a complete disaster from start to finish. Didn't make it past the starter." 

14. The Narrow

The Narrow is yet another Gordon Ramsay restaurant with great views of the River Thames. The Narrow showcases Ramsay's approach to classic London dining. As per the restaurant's website, they serve "simple but elegant food sourced from the best British produce." 

The location and view alone automatically give this restaurant a few bonus points. Menu items such as tamarind spiced chicken wings, spicy tuna tartare, roasted cod, potted salt beef brisket, and a dry-aged beef burger are just interesting enough to avoid being predictable.

The Narrow receives some decent feedback. One reviewer on Facebook wrote, "Beautiful place, gorgeous view. Super friendly staff and delicious food! Loved it!" Food critic and editor David Ellis at Evening Standard, though, was a little less impressed: "Dishes seem pricey for what they are, but the wine list is reasonable enough." 

While you're unlikely to be disappointed by a meal at The Narrow, you probably also won't be wowed.

13. Street Burger

With Ramsay's affinity for perfectly-cooked meat, it's no surprise he has a line of burger joints. Street Burger has eight locations throughout England — six in London, one in Woking, and one in Reading.

Although each location is slightly different, most have exciting details such as graffiti-strewn walls and disco balls hanging from the ceiling. The brightly-colored furniture provides the perfect, casual setting for digging into a burger. 

The food at Street Burger is enjoyable enough, especially since it sounds rather affordable: Customers can enjoy a burger, fries, and unlimited soda refills for £15 (around $20). In reality, the extras — which are all too tempting to throw onto your meal — tend to jack up the price. As Edible Reading explains, "All those extras mount up, and our bill – for two burgers, fries and, milkshakes with a portion of onion rings – came to just shy of forty-eight pounds."

If you're up for shelling out the money for this meal, you'll probably leave happy and full. One reviewer, commenting on Google, wrote, "The staff here are lovely, and it made for a very pleasant experience. The food was good too. The portions are a good size, and food quality is great."

12. Bread Street Kitchen & Bar

Every restaurateur needs a place where they can keep it casual, yet innovative. That's what Bread Street Kitchen & Bar is for Gordon Ramsay. This branch of his restaurant empire has six chains throughout London, Edinburgh, and Liverpool. The aim is to serve European dishes in a chic setting. 

One look at the menu indicates this is typical Ramsay fare, offering some of the chef's classic signature dishes such as prawn cocktail, spicy tuna tartare, beef wellington, and butter chicken. Bread Street Kitchen & Bar also offers dry-aged meats, as well as appetizing sides such as macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and honey-roasted carrots. While it's a moderately priced restaurant, the beef wellington is one of the more expensive items on the menu, priced at £49 (approximately $66). 

According to The Scotsman's Gaby Soutar, who dined at the Edinburgh location, the restaurant is passable for a quick bite but wouldn't do for special occasions. She writes, "This place is a global machine. You could be anywhere, and the food is fine but very forgettable."

Many seem to echo this sentiment, with one Facebook reviewer commenting, "In a word...underwhelming. Excellent staff & location, food distinctly joe average. Fresh baked rolls were soggy, broccoli side was cold, starters & mains were ok but nothing to write home about. Not even worth a constructive complaint..."

11. Savoy Grill

Along with the River Restaurant, Savoy Grill is one of Gordon Ramsay's two restaurants located in London's Savoy Hotel. Savoy Grill is fine dining at its best – it brings the glitz and glam with decor touches like chandeliers, white table cloths, and richly-colored tableware. The restaurant has a fascinating history and has served many famous customers, such as Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. 

Savoy Grill has several menus, including an à la carte menu and a lunch prix fixe lunch menu, allowing diners to choose the specific experience they're after. While you can order typical Ramsay fare, such as a beef wellington, you can also take the luxury experience up a notch by ordering dishes such as the Devonshire duck à l'orange with a BBQ orange and braised chicory. 

While this restaurant is on the pricier end, the cost definitely feels justified. The food is well-prepared, and the dishes are creative enough to keep the diner engaged. Unfortunately, the service does the opposite. "I was particularly surprised by the poor service ... Overall we felt like we were on a conveyor belt and they just wanted us in and out as quickly as possible and felt we were second class as not eating from the main menu," said one reviewer on Facebook

10. Street Pizza

In his attempt to cover nearly every cuisine and type of restaurant, Gordon Ramsay takes a stab at pizza via his four-location pizza joint, Street Pizza. Street Pizza's menu offers beers, cocktails, and bottomless pizzas. £16 (or around $22) gets diners unlimited slices of pizza. Add-on sides, as well as a special pizza that changes daily, are also available.

Unfortunately, the dining experience leaves something to be desired. As per a reviewer on Facebook, "Went to the Southwark restaurant on Saturday with family. Rude staff with poor service. Had to wait ages for food served a slice at a time. Cold and burnt pizza."

Despite the service issues, Street Pizza is still an exciting prospect, and overall, the restaurant is viewed favorably as a casual dining option. It's a great venue to meet a few friends after work for an affordable dinner, provided your pizza arrives within a decent amount of time. 

9. Gordon Ramsay Burger

Gordon Ramsay Burger is a fast-casual burger joint with locations in Chicago, Las Vegas, as well as in London. While these there's nothing different or innovative about these burgers — chicken with cheddar, pickles, lettuce, and mustard BBQ or blue cheese and caramelized onions — they are delectable and "stunningly crafted."

The menu includes some surprisingly tasty vegan and vegetarian options. In addition to the quintessential fries, Gordon Ramsay Burger also offers thoughtful snacks such as pita bread and hummus, venturing away from the typical burger and fries combo. 

As per a reviewer on OpenTable, "[This] is absolutely the best burger place that I have ever had the pleasure to eat at ... I recently changed my diet to mostly vegetarian and vegan. Let me say hands down to one of the best vegan burgers I have ever had." Another reviewer expressed a sense of disappointment regarding the spot, saying, "Food was good but I thought it was going to be AMAZING given the fact that it's Gordon's restaurant."

While this restaurant is clearly a favorite, the food items lack creativity and innovation, which is why it doesn't appear higher on this list. Still, there's something to be said for aptly executing and delivering on classic fare, and that's exactly what Ramsay does via Gordon Ramsay Burger.

8. Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips

Alongside dishes such as beef wellington, fish and chips is another item that's standard on menus at Gordon Ramsay restaurants. Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips is the megastar chef's attempt to bring quintessential English fare to a U.S. audience. As the name suggests, this is a casual joint that offers fish and chips in a fast food-style setting. They also serve eclectic items such as sticky toffee milkshakes, crispy shrimp and lobster, battered sausage, and fish wrapped in naan.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips isn't all talk. The fish and chips are quite delicious. One reviewer on Facebook wrote, "We went there because it is Gordon's restaurant, but we were pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Everything was cooked fresh, service was great, and the food was yummy!"

This joint always draws a crowd, probably because it's one of the more affordable Gordon Ramsay restaurants. However, the accessible price point didn't seem to impact the service and was on par with fast food. "The fish had a super crunchy golden-brown crust and the cod is super flaky, flavorful. Portions were very generous and really quick service. The line was intimidating but when by very quickly," said a reviewer on Yelp

7. Gordon Ramsay Steak

Gordon Ramsay Steak is yet another Ramsay restaurant with outposts in the United States. This modern steakhouse has an English theme, with a Union Jack flag on the ceiling and classic dishes like beef wellington. The restaurant has locations in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Kansas City, and Baltimore. Ramsay and his team seem to be going for the high-roller vibe: The Vegas branch is located in Caesars Palace. The Baltimore restaurant is situated in a casino. 

Jane Marion at Baltimore Magazine describes the decor as "fun and festive." Marion also raves about the food: "The eight-ounce filet, which arrives sitting zen-like surrounded by a swoosh of red wine demi-glace on the plate, is truly terrific and a relatively affordable option at $52."

A reviewer on Yelp was equally impressed with the food at the Vegas location. "Absolutely the best steak I've ever had so far, hands down! It had a nice crispy sear and a tender, juicy middle. The risotto was absolutely delicious! The curry flavor was just to die for! The broccolini was flavored nicely with lemon, peppers, garlic, capers and chili."

6. Heddon Street Kitchen

Heddon Street Kitchen is tucked away on a quiet street in a busy part of London. It's a nice respite from the nearby bustle. The restaurant serves modern European fare, including some of Gordon Ramsay's favorites (here's looking at you, beef wellington) like pork belly with apple purée and celeriac steak with grilled mushrooms and mushroom gravy. 

It's a straightforward menu with simple food that has just enough flair to intrigue more adventurous diners. One Facebook reviewer enjoyed several pleasant aspects of the meal: "It didn't disappoint! The service was phenomenal! The Beef Wellington was delicious!! We had the Tuna Tartare and the Potted Salt Beef Brisket as starters. Do not leave without having the Sticky Toffee Pudding."

A dinner at Heddon Street Kitchen with three courses and a cocktail is likely to cost around £60 (or around $81), excluding the service charge or tip, allowing you to have a quality meal without breaking the bank. A Yelp review put it perfectly: "One of this spot's biggest selling points is the great service and upscale ambiance. Perfect for when you want to impress someone, and don't mind paying for it."

5. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

If you are dining in a Michelin star restaurant, you probably expect a certain level of quality and service. If the restaurant has three Michelin stars, your expectations are likely to be even higher. Luckily, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, the chef's eponymous three Michelin-starred restaurant in London, delivers across the board.

The Prestige Menu, which is £170 (or around $230) and includes six courses, is a great option. There's also an à la carte menu should you decide you want to piece your own meal together. The dishes at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay are the epitome of fine dining: ravioli with lobster, langoustine, salmon, and black truffle, or the roast pigeon with turnip, pistachio, and cumin.

One reviewer on Facebook preferred it to another well-known Michelin-starred restaurant and said it was "the best 3-star Michelin restaurant I have ever been to. The service is even better than The French Laundry in Napa Valley." As per food critic Andy Hayler, "I was more concerned by the level of inconsistency, with lovely crab and venison dishes but also some pretty ordinary dishes in amongst the menu. The excellent staff that we encountered did ensure that we were very well looked after." 

To give you some idea of just how consistently amazing Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is, this restaurant was awarded three Michelin stars in 2001 and since then has earned the title of London's longest-running three Michelin-starred restaurant. 

4. Lucky Cat

Gordon Ramsay's restaurant Lucky Cat is not only good, it's fantastic. This Mayfair-located eatery is inspired by 1930s Tokyo jazz cafes and Shanghai's drinking dens. The restaurant has all the components of a great dining experience — a warm ambiance, good service, great dishes, and memorable cocktails.

GQ fawns over this restaurant and its setting, saying, "Lucky Cat is fabulous. It has the perfect balance of astonishing food in an environment that is stylish but also really relaxed, making for a wonderful lunch or dinner experience."

The menu features small share plates and mouthwatering items such as monkfish and bacon skewers, grilled squid with buttered almonds, chirashi ceviche, and sesame prawn toast. A review on Facebook confirms the food was as good as it sounds, saying, "Food was sublime, the egg fried rice was a symphony and the pork skewers and duck were utter heaven! The servers were wonderful and very attentive."

3. Au Trianon

If "Au Trianon," the name of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, sounds fancy, then the location further confirms it. Located in the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Versailles, Au Trianon, which has earned a Michelin star, is the epitome of fine dining. The venue's baroque backdrop presents the perfect setting for special events. 

Diners can choose between a five-course discovery menu for €149 (about $202) or a seven-course prestige menu for €189 (approximately $256). Dishes like purple sea urchin in two flavors with coconut milk and truffled scrambled eggs with sea urchin emulsion exemplify peak dining paradise. A reviewer on Yelp gushed about the food, saying, "The food was incredible. It changes seasonally, but every item was devoured lovingly ... Every flavor, texture, and scent was unique. They bring out hors d'oeuvres in-between meals ... The entire experience is incredibly well considered."

Dining at Au Trianon is an entire experience. Every minute of it, from the food to the wine pairings to the service is totally worth it. A review on Tripadvisor described the experience as "friendly warm professional service matched by a very skillful brigade."

2. Le Pressoir d'Argent Gordon Ramsay

There's bound to be something special about any restaurant that has a top rating in one of the most well-known wine regions in the world. Located at the InterContinental Bordeaux, Le Pressoir d'Argent Gordon Ramsay holds two Michelin stars. According to Restaurant Guru, it's the best restaurant in Bordeaux.

The restaurant draws its name from a solid lobster press that sits in the dining room. The press is one of five in the world, and, if you opt for the pressed lobster, you'll likely see it in action. "The lobster was served two ways: a tail was served on the main plate with the fresh juice and some potatoes, while a claw was served separately on the side with a creamy sauce...The claw was just so sweet and delicious, and the tail with the fresh juice was impeccably prepared as well," said one Tripadvisor reviewer.

For fans of fine dining, in particular, a meal at Le Pressoir d'Argent might just prove to be the best one ever. As one reviewer gushed, "Simply the best meal this woman has ever had hands down- best food, best white glove service best ambiance. It's posh yet service is warm."

1. Petrus by Gordon Ramsay

The city of London's charming architecture creates an enchanting experience in itself. A dining experience at Petrus by Gordon Ramsay stands to further enhance the magic of the city. Diners can immerse in a unique yet luxe setting: The restaurant's tables surround a large floor-to-ceiling wine cellar. Petrus offers an exquisite wine list that includes vintages from Chateau Petrus.

The restaurant, which has already bagged one Michelin star, has stellar food, as per Wanderlust Chloe: "The chicken was the highlight of the meal for me. It came with a rich chicken jus that was dark and sticky, with a hint of star anise. The surprise was the dehydrated Jerusalem artichoke, which at first glance I thought was a crispy chicken skin! It was crunchy and slightly bitter, helping to balance the dish."

Of course, you'd expect nothing less from a Michelin-starred restaurant. Through incredible restaurants such as Petrus, Gordon Ramsay reminds diners of his culinary excellence and flair, the very qualities that make him one of the world's most respected and beloved chefs today.