Lehi Valley Trading Co. Just Recalled Yogurt Raisins Over Undeclared Peanuts

It's only February and already 2022 seems like it's bringing us a fair number of food recalls. From enoki mushrooms to Trader Joe's Soycutash and Driscoll's strawberries, consumers in the United States are seeing a number of scary food recalls in recent weeks. Now, Lehi Valley Trading Company is being added to that list. People with peanut allergies may want to avoid purchasing the company's yogurt raisins for the time being. According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the Mesa, Arizona-based food supplier has issued a nationwide recall of its yogurt raisins due to the possibility that they may have come in contact with or may contain an "undeclared peanut allergen." 

As you can imagine, that's a scary prospect for someone who has a peanut allergy, as ingesting them could cause life-threatening "food-induced anaphylaxis," according to the Mayo Clinic. The medical center also explains the reaction is one that occurs within minutes of ingesting food items that are prepared with, or have been prepared in close contact to, peanuts. While the FDA notes that no illnesses or symptoms have yet to be reported in relation to this latest recall, if you do have a peanut allergy, you should take the appropriate precautions to avoid any issues.

What you need to know about the yogurt raisins recall

According to the FDA, the recall — issued February 17 — affects 8 oz., 10 oz., and 12.3 oz. packages of Lehi Valley Trading Company Yogurt Raisins that are sold under several different brand names, which may include Snack-Worthy, Woody's Smokehouse, and Texas Best Smokehouse. So, what should you look for as you are going through your pantry? 

The affected products are described as Snack-Worthy Yogurt Raisins sold in 10 oz. packages, with a UPC of 7911400668 and a "Best By Date" of September 12, 2022 along with a Lot Code 222268. Additionally, look for Woody's Smokehouse Yogurt Raisins sold in 12.3 oz. packages, having a UPC 9524865531 and a Best By date of August 23, 2022; there's also Texas Best Smokehouse Yogurt Raisins that are sold in 8 oz. packages, with a UPC 9524832055 and a Best By date of August 23, 2022.

The FDA specifically recommends that those packages sold under the Snack-Worthy brand and having a lot code 222268 be returned to wherever you purchased them for a full refund. Double check your snacks just to be safe!