Sonic's Latest Cheeseburger Is A Bacon Lover's Dream

Fast food is a staple of any road trip; if you're hungry and short on time, a drive-thru is the solution to grabbing some food without having to leave your car. And when it comes to chain restaurant drive-thrus, Sonic's got a menu that can satisfy a crowd. From burgers to hot dogs and ice cream, Sonic has all the fast-food staples. Plus, there's a whole Sonic secret menu that you'll wish you knew about sooner.

You'll often find bacon on burgers, and Sonic has released bacon menu items in the past, including the decadent Garlic Butter Bacon Burger and the Sonic BBLT, which featured six strips of bacon. Those bacon menu items may have come and gone, but Sonic is adding a new bacon item to the menu. A Feb. 22 press release announced Sonic's new Bacon on Bacon Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger, and it's as meaty as it sounds.

What's on Sonic's newest cheeseburger?

With so many bacon cheeseburgers on the fast-food market, it can be hard to keep them all straight. According to Sonic's website, here's what the Bacon on Bacon Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger looks like. Like the name suggests, this burger has two patties, along with two slices of cheese, diced onions, pickles, mayo, and a tangy smoke sauce. And of course, the bacon — four slices, to be exact.

While meat lovers are likely most excited about the bacon, the sauce is another new menu item for Sonic fans to sample. A press release from the company explains that the new tangy smoke sauce is meant to complement the bacon in the burger.

Sonic's new bacon cheeseburger will be available from Feb. 28 through May 1. But fans with the Sonic app can order the new burger starting Feb. 21. No Sonic near you? Hardee's and Carl's Jr. also have several bacon-centric menu items. (Or, you can always make a homemade bacon cheeseburger.)