The 10 Best Grocery Store Bottled Cocktails You Should Buy

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Having a cocktail is one of life's great wonders. But for those that don't have the luxury of space and money, it's a commitment to make your own bar at home. It takes a lot to get the right cocktail liquors, the mixers, and a personal bar takes up a lot of room in a small home. However, premixed, bottled cocktails — everything you need in a bottle — have become very popular, with sales surging 42.3% in 2021 according to CNBC, and more top-shelf cocktails are appearing on grocery store shelves. You can find your favorite cocktail in a bottle, whether it's a Moscow Mule, an old fashioned, or a margarita, but before you run to the grocery store, we want to help you pick the best one.

We've compiled a list of the best you can get from your local grocery store. Whether you like your cocktails shaken or stirred, they'll be tasty either way!

1. Trader Joe's Whiskey Sour

Although Trader Joe's isn't the kind of store you'd expect to find top-shelf alcohol, they have always had classic cocktail mixes for Bloody Mary's and margaritas. But they've introduced their own bottled cocktails to their shelves with alcohol made with liquor from a small craft distillery, according to Vine Pair, so the next time you stop in for that classic buffalo chicken dip, take a look in the spirits and wines section.

Our favorite store is on trend with whiskey sours in a bottle. No prep is needed for these classics: each bottle has the right balance of bourbon, lemon, cane sugar, and spiced orange bitters. A dash of lemon oil, also, gives it a special sour taste. One person gave a five-star review on Trader Joe's Reviews and said "Love this stuff! Perfect ! So easy to have a great whiskey sour! Add cherry and orange slice, done!"

2. Crafthouse Moscow Mule

The Moscow mule: The best cocktail to drink in a copper cup. Now, it's easy as heck to drink these without the fuss of mixing them or going out to a bar. Crafthouse has introduced a line of cocktails to choose from, but their Moscow Mule is one of their signature cocktails that everyone at a party can enjoy. Crafthouse was started by Matt Lindner and bartender Charles Joly, who saw the need for a simple, bottled cocktail that anyone can enjoy at home, according to Crafthouse's website.

The bottled Moscow Mule by Crafthouse is a delicious cocktail that is drunk best with a sprig of mint and a slice of lime. The Pursuit of Cocktail said this one was just the right amount of sweetness, booziness, and tastiness. "Having a delicious cocktail in a larger bottle like this is the PERFECT substitute to serving wine," the blog said.

3. Uptown Chocolatini

Looking for something decadent after the workday is done? The Uptown Chocolatini has no artificial flavors and can be found in Target and Sam's Club alcohol aisles. Chocolatinis are a twist on the traditional gin martini, but much more flavorful and enjoyable for a bigger crowd. This is one of the heavier cocktails on the list. As it is with anything that has cream, this chocolatini has 2,456 calories per bottle and 307 per serving, according to Uptown's website. So don't be throwing back this cocktail every single weeknight!

There are a variety of ways you can use this bottled cocktail. You can put it in a blender with ice and make it a chocolatini slushy. Or, serve it straight up after chilling in the freezer or paired with another mixer. "This cocktail drink reminds me of a white Russian. So yummy. Would definitely re-purchase," said one five-star review on Google reviews.

4. Crafthouse Gold Rush

Crafthouse returns to this list with New York City-based cocktail, Gold Rush. This cocktail was originally created at the Milk & Honey bar on New York's Lower East Side, and since has become a classic cocktail in bars and on the market, according to Crafthouse's website. This is a cocktail that is perfect for a night you want to go beyond the classic old fashioned or Moscow Mule — and it's sure to impress guests.

Gold Rush is a bottled cocktail that has bourbon, rich honey, and lemon, making for a rich warm drink to make you feel hot in the winter. Tastings found it was "A tangy and refreshing whisky cocktail that pleases the palate," reminiscent of rooibos tea and caramelized pineapple. Reviewers found the cocktail was better than some of the stuff you could make at home on Total Wine, so if you're looking for a twist on the traditional whiskey sour, this is a cocktail to look for.

5. 1800's The Ultimate Margarita

Looking for something for margarita night? Tequila brand 1800 has the ultimate margarita for you in a bottle with a variety of flavors to choose from, including jalapeno lime, raspberry, watermelon, pineapple, and peach. You can either make blended margaritas or cocktails on the rocks with just one bottle. Although these have a fantastic (and wide variety) of margarita flavor, you can dress them up with some lime juice or lime slice, and decorate the rim with nice salt or sugar. No one will know the difference between your bottled margarita and the classic homemade one!

Although this margarita is sweeter than the one you might get at the local Mexican restaurant, a review on Drizly said: "This was so amazingly delicious. It went down very smoothly. Not overly alcoholic but still effective. We had it for a girls weekend and have to admit by Monday it was finished!" Ditch that bottle of tequila; this is the only bottle you'll need.

6. On The Rocks Premium Cocktails, The Cosmopolitan

On The Rocks has a bottled Cosmo that'll keep you set for a weekend bash. On the Rocks claims they don't compromise taste for convenience, and wanted to create a cocktail that was ready to serve at home without the need for extra ingredients or equipment. The cosmo was invented prior to WWII, according to Punch Drink, and of course, is known as Carrie Bradshaw's signature cocktail in "Sex and the City." But all you need to know is this cocktail from On the Rocks has a blend of vodka, citrus, triple sec, and cranberry, this cocktail has won the gold from the beverage testing institute and silver from the San Francisco world spirits competition. 

One reviewer gave five stars on Drizly and said: "The perfectly delicious Cosmo created with high-end Effen Vodka. So convenient and a cute corked bottle." The pink bottle is gorgeous, and will look beautiful on the home bar or kitchen counter.

7. Rancho La Gloria Watermelon Margarita

A wine watermelon margarita is perfect for summer — or anytime. It has 100% agave wine, lime juice, and natural flavors, resulting in an amazing poolside cocktail. This cocktail was conceived in Tijuana by the Rancho La Gloria Hotel in 1938, and from there, has been captured conveniently in a bottle, according to Rancho La Gloria's website. Strawberry not your type? They also have an original flavor margarita and many more fruity flavors. 

"This. is. DANGEROUS! It is literally my favorite margarita to pick up! I always enjoy fruity drinks and this is perfect for it! You taste more sweetness/fruits than alcohol, which is perfect for me! I always repurchase! Also, amazing price point for this much alcohol!" one reviewer on Google reviews said. The Rancho La Gloria Watermelon Margarita is available at Target and packs a punch with 13.5% alcohol per volume, so give your coworkers a warning before you take it to the next company Christmas-in-July party. 

8. On the Rocks Old Fashioned

More old fashioned when it comes to your drinks? On the Rocks has a bottled old fashioned cocktail that uses Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey and natural flavors. This cocktail has won two awards: the gold medal from the Beverages Tasting Institute and the silver medal from The World Spirits Competition, according to On the Rocks's website. This isn't the weak old fashioned cocktail you get from the bar around the corner — this is a heavy hitter with 35% alcohol by volume. So take it easy when you pour this drink!

Tastings gave this bottled old fashioned 94 points, the gold medal exception. The website noted it was "... slightly chewy, lively, off-dry medium-to-full body and a warming, involved, long honey-roasted nuts and Grand Marnier finish. It doesn't get simpler than this. Pour this effortlessly pleasing Old Fashioned liberally and frequently." Very high praise for something simple and delicious!

9. Los Cabos Strawberry Margarita

Silver tequila and strawberry have never tasted so good with the Los Cabos Strawberry Margarita. If you're looking for a margarita that would be a repeated treat after dinner (or before), this is it. You can either make a margarita on the rocks with a salt or sugar rim. Ideally, with the right equipment and on a hot summer day, a frozen margarita slushy never fails to please. With this cocktail, the flavor won't be lost in the ice if you choose the latter. While the strawberry margarita is typically for a sweeter person, you can cut it with another mixer or serve it straight from the bottle. 

A reviewer said on Total Wine it has just the right amount of tequila, and was the exact thing to bring to a work event. Pick this up at Target and either bring it to casual Fridays at work or save it all for yourself.

10. Jack Daniels Black Jack Cola

Jack Daniels Black Jack Cola has 4.4 stars and 578 reviews on Google, making this a top-tier bottled cocktail, despite its simplicity. Jack Daniels and coke with a hint of citrus makes for some casual drinking at the end of the day. The classic Jack and Coke was invented in the early 20th century, and has been renamed The Lemmy after Motorhead's lead singer, Lemmy Kilmister, according to Taste Atlas. And now, you don't have to pick which name to call the cocktail when you order it at a bar — you can just pick it off the shelf. 

"Love this! I was excited when they came out with these makes it a lot easier when you want one after work. It's already put together all the leg work of having to not only go two different places to get the alcohol and the soda but you don't have to make it! Love tastes great!" said one reviewer on Google. Next time you're craving a Jack and Coke, you only need to get one (or a six pack) of bottles!