This Controversial Jeni's Ice Cream Flavor Is Returning To Stores

The food world continues to get more and more insane. While some companies choose to look to the past and bring back old favorites like Dunkaroos or Oreo Cakesters, others are looking to the future with innovative new flavors and surprises. Pepsi now has a nitrogen-infused soda with smaller bubbles to bring a new texture to the soda and Oreo is constantly churning out fun, new flavors, the most recent of which has been teased but not yet announced.

But in the ice cream world, Jeni's has been thinking out of the box for years. Beginning in 2002, Jeni's was already leading in innovative flavors, opening her first location which offered flavors like Strawberry Buttermilk and Wild Blue Lavender, according to the Columbus Dispatch. And back in March 2021, their innovation took a bold risk, offering a breakfast staple in ice cream form. Instead of opting for something sweet like a flavor to match pancakes with syrup or cinnamon buns, they opted for something more savory, sparking skepticism online as to whether it could truly work as an ice cream flavor — the Everything Bagel. And with the announcement that this flavor is coming back, they've somehow managed to breach both throwback and innovation.

Everything to know about the return of Everything Bagel ice cream

The end of February brought with it the announcement that Jeni's is bringing back their infamous Everything Bagel ice cream. The ice cream itself is a "cream cheese ice cream with a sesame, poppy seed, onion, and garlic streusel." It's a mixture that challenges the balance of the much beloved sweet and savory flavor combo. It also caused a whirlwind of debate, with many thinking it was too crazy to be tasty and others thinking it is so crazy it just might work. Ultimately, when it came about the first time around, many opted to try for themselves before judging.

Online reviewers rushed to taste and share reviews, which largely praised the company's boldness in creating something so polarizing, while also commenting on the widely debated flavor. Some reviews were in its favor, like America's Test Kitchen, who proclaimed, "To all the doubters out there, I hear you and understand your skepticism. But it works!" The Kitchn said, "the beguiling mix of sweet and savory hooked me." Others online turned their nose at the dessert noting "If you like the Jeni's everything bagel ice cream flavor you are the most chaotic evil type there is."

Thanks to their comeback, buyers can judge for themselves. The flavor will be sold in shops and on Jeni's website, and to find out when you can get your hands on the Everything Bagel flavor, you can sign up for notifications starting March 21st on