The Dish Robert Pattinson Never Wants To See Again After His Batman Diet

Getting into shape for a superhero movie is no easy task. What superhero actors really eat can vary. For example, Chris Hemsworth went on a vegan diet while preparing for his role as Thor (via YouTube), and to get ready for her character as Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot ate a 50/50 mix of greens and proteins (via InStyle). Robert Pattinson's Batman movie is coming out in just a couple of days, and he also went on a strict diet and workout regime.

As he was getting into shape, Pattinson told Men's Health some of the things he took out of his diet included fried food, processed meat, and alcohol. Although Batman fans might have been excited over theseĀ limited-edition Batman Oreos, it's likely that Pattinson wasn't making them his go-to snack. So what was Pattinson eating? Apparently, a lot of fish. In fact, he said, "I never want to see a piece of white fish with just lemon on it ever again," in an interview with On Demand Entertainment.

What else did Robert Pattinson do to prepare for the role of Batman?

According to Men's Health, Pattinson's workout routine included outdoor military-style workouts as well as boxing. He also did cardio and ran a few times a week. Pattinson also had a couple of other meals in his rotation while preparing for the role of Batman. The actor told GQ that he ate oatmeal with vanilla protein powder and tuna straight from the can with some Tabasco sauce while in quarantine from the set.

To most people, oatmeal with just protein powder or fish with lemon might not sound incredibly appetizing. But you can take oatmeal and fish and turn them into delicious meals. There are a few ways to make oatmeal taste better, like adding salt, spices, or chocolate. Plus, you can top a bowl of oatmeal with fruit or nut butter. For dinner, instead of fish with a slice of lemon, try thisĀ seared salmon with chickpeas and kale recipe.