Burger King's New Whopper Sandwiches Are Officially Here

Menu changes happen, whether we like them or not. While some menu items may be as safe as timeless classics, others come and go. Sometimes items are discontinued as their popularity fluctuates to make room for new items, or to consolidate the ingredients a restaurant has to purchase. Yes, it's certainly a sad day when you realize your favorite order is no longer on the menu. However, the arrival of new menu items is always cause for excitement and hope.

Considering how Burger King dropped several menu items in late 2021 to streamline its menu, we're definitely a little curious about what the chain has up its sleeve for the future. As for right now, fast food fans can rejoice over the latest Burger King menu additions: which all feature spins on the all-time classic Whopper. If you thought the Whopper couldn't get any better, you might want to check out the new Whopper Melts.

The Whopper Melts are cheesy new additions to Burger King's menu

Back in January, Burger King started testing Whopper Melt sandwiches of three varieties, including the Whopper Melt, the Spicy Whopper, and the Bacon Whopper, at locations in Toledo, Ohio. Now, several weeks later, these Whopper Melts are being made available to customers nationwide, says Business Wire.

What makes a Melt stand out? All of the three Melts feature generous amounts of melty American cheese, toasted bread, and two ¼ pound of flame-grilled beef patties. The Whopper Melt comes with caramelized onions and Stacker Sauce while the Spicy Whopper Melt has jalapeños, caramelized onions, and a creamy spicy sauce. As for the Bacon Whopper Melt, that sandwich adds bacon to the Whopper Melt.

According to Burger King's website, the standard Whopper Melt is 598 calories and can be ordered as just a sandwich for about $4.29 (via PennLive), or as part of a small, medium, or large combo meal.