Pizza Hut's Big Dinner Box Is Back For March Madness

March has a lot going on. Daylight savings, Holi, the first day of spring, and Mardi Gras (which also means pazckis). March is also Women's History Month, National Reading Month, and yes, March 10 is National Ranch Dressing Day (via Taste of Home). March is also when many people get drunk on St. Patrick's Day.

And of course, no list about the third month would be complete without March Madness. That's the annual time of the year when millions of basketball fans across the United States tune in to watch the NCAA hoops tournament and enjoy their favorite game day snacks. 

Plenty of food chains also celebrate March Madness. Auntie Anne's has free pretzels, Wendy's has free chicken biscuits, and other restaurants are offering some slam dunk food deals for basketball viewers. Pizza Hut, you might be pleased to hear, is also bringing back its Big Dinner Box just in time for March Madness. 

Basketball fans can get multiple foods in one box

It can be a pain to order food for a bunch of people. One person wants this, another person wants that, this person can't have that food. However, variety packs and compartmentalized fruit-and-veggie snack trays are a couple of ways to help ensure multiple people can eat what they like and avoid what they dislike. Some restaurants also have party-oriented variety menu items that include multiple different foods. 

Pizza Hut's Big Dinner Box is one of them, and it's back in time for March Madness parties, according to Chew Boom. It includes two medium pizzas, each with one topping, as well as five breadsticks and a choice of pasta or chicken wings as a side. Customers can also switch out the breadsticks and side for a third medium pizza. 

The Big Dinner Box costs $24.99, while two medium pizzas alone would usually cost nearly $25 (via Pizza Hut). So if you're a fan of Pizza Hut, basketball, and food variety, you may think this deal is nothin' but net.