The Best Foods To Pair With Whiskey, According To The Experts At Jameson - Exclusive

Maybe you're looking to throw together a last minute St. Patrick's Day celebration, or seeking to up your hosting game for your next dinner party, or simply seeking a satisfying way to wind down after work. It doesn't hurt to know your way around a good glass of whiskey — that not only means knowing how to pour the good stuff, like a bold splash of Jameson Irish Whiskey, but also what to serve it with. Good whiskey is distinct, spicy, full of caramel notes. It deserves to be paired with foods that are hearty and flavorful enough to stand up to whiskey's bold character.

No one knows that better than the whiskey connoisseurs at Jameson. Mashed got some inside tips on how to compliment your next pour with the perfect bite. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Jameson's Brand Director, Kelly Suhr, shared some snacking suggestions straight from the company's kitchen experts. Whether you like it neat, on the rocks, or mixed into a cocktail, these are the best foods to pair with your next glass of whiskey.

Pair salty meats with spicy, smooth Jameson for a balanced snack board

Jameson Irish Whiskey is arguably one of the most popular and well known whiskey flavors out there. Its smooth, bold flavor begs to be paired with equally decadent foods. According to Brand Director Kelly Suhr, the company's culinary experts say "Jameson Original is actually perfect for pairing with cheese and charcuterie boards." Suhr explains that the "gamey flavor of cured meats and cheeses ... pairs really beautifully with the smooth, spicy nutty flavor notes of Jameson Original." Not mention, a snack board is a "great opportunity" for a delicious, and super simple snack "if you're gathering with family and friends"

If you want to take things up a notch, Suhr mentioned that "steaks also go really well with whiskeys, with the spicy undertones." Next time you're planning to open a nice bottle, go ahead and go all out with some nice cuts of beef, and enjoy how the sharp spice notes cut through the meat's (ideally) fatty flavors. The same logic applies if you're opting for a lighter whiskey blend, like Jameson Caskmates IPA. Suhr suggests pairing "pizzas or salty ham" with the "more bright, floral, crisp" notes in the whiskey.

At the end of the day, it's about balancing flavor notes — and you can't go wrong indulging in salty, buttery, meaty treats when you have a glass of clean, smooth, smoky Irish whiskey like Jameson. Suhr also made sure to note that there is "a whole variety of different suggestions and cocktail pairings and food pairings on the [Jameson] website, if you're looking for some [more] inspiration."

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