Reddit Had Mixed Feelings About This Pop-Tart Heating Hack

Pop-Tarts have a huge variety of flavors, and many of them come with some sweet frosting, but apparently, frosted Pop-Tarts almost didn't exist. This frosting gives us so many delightful flavors, and if you haven't found your ideal flavor yet, check out our ranking of Pop-Tarts. Then, it's time to find your favorite way to enjoy it. Do you like to heat them up or eat them straight from the package? If you prefer your Pop-Tarts warm, one Reddit user has a quick way to warm them up without a microwave or toaster.

In the subreddit r/foodhacks, Reddit user u/KittyZat posted a photo of the way they heat up their Pop-Tart calling this method "underrated." They put the Pop-Tart on top of a hot cup of coffee with the frosting side up so the coffee warms up their sweet treat.

If you're thinking this looks like a familiar method for warming up another dessert, you're not the only one. The top comment on this post says, "Stroopwafle over here like... really?" Aldi shoppers have said that using coffee to warm up a Stroopwafel is the best way to eat a Stroopwafel since the caramel melts a bit. While there's more consensus about how to eat a Stroopwafel, Reddit users don't feel the same about heating up a Pop-Tart with coffee.

What are people saying about this Pop-Tart heating hack?

People shared their thoughts in the comments section of the post, and the original poster isn't the only one who warms up their Pop-Tarts like this. One person wrote, "I do this with my coffee and [Pop-Tarts] everyday too and, yeah, only the dessert flavors, no fruit. The steam leaves a teensy coffee flavor on the tart and it doesn't play with the fruit flavors as well. S'mores is my favorite."

Although there were folks who were willing to give this a try, some other Reddit users seemed to think that this method of heating a Pop-Tart would lead to its ruin. Someone commented, "Pop Tarts are so named because they pop up out of a toaster ... Putting one on top of a steaming cup of liquid sounds like an awful soggy mess." Similarly, another Reddit users said, "Seems like that would just make it soggy, people like their Pop Tarts toasted."

Will you give this hack a try? One Pop-Tart lover was shocked that you even had to eat up a Pop-Tart and other fans were suggesting that you add butter to your Pop-Tart. If you like your Pop-Tarts with butter, there's one collaboration you won't want to miss.