The Best Way To Eat Stroopwafels, According To Aldi Shoppers

It's not every day you hear people raving over the in-flight snack they received during their most recent travels, but then again, not all airplane food is as good as the stroopwafel. Described by Spoon University as two thin, crispy waffles with a layer of caramel in between, this delectable Dutch treat entered into the complimentary snack rotation on United Airlines flights in 2015 and quickly became a favorite for passengers and non-passengers alike shortly after (via The Points Guy). In fact, the love for these cookies was so strong amongst United flight takers that there was a major outcry when the airline decided to remove the treat from its in-flight offers in 2018, leading them to bring it back just one year later.

Clearly these sweet treats have something going for them, and luckily, you don't have to be a frequent flyer to get your hands on one or two of these bad boys, as stroopwafels are also available through a number of retailers on the ground. Aldi is one place where the decadent snack shows up on a seasonal basis, and once they finally hit the shelves, shoppers don't hesitate to throw a few packs in their carts. "The caramel Stroopwafels are always a stock-up item for me," one Aldi shopper wrote on Reddit. The user also clued fans in on an amazing way to enjoy the treat, and once you see it, you may never eat stroopwafels the same again.

Stroopwafels fit perfectly over a mug of tea or coffee

Whether you've indulged on a stroopwafel on the ground or in mid-air, you know that the crispy waffle cookies are perfectly delicious when eaten straight out of the package. However, one Aldi shopper may have found an even better way to enjoy the tasty treat. Taking to the German grocery store's subreddit page a few months back, the user shared the above snap of their stroopwafel sitting perfectly on top of a cup of tea, noting that there was "nothing more luxurious" than having the snack in that exact fashion. "They are so good after they've warmed up on your mug for an extra special treat," the Redditor explained in a follow-up comment, and later noted in response to another user that the method will not only warm-up the cookie from the steam, but also soften up the caramel that's in between the two waffles.

Several other Redditors agreed that this was the go-to way to snack on a stroopwafel, though this should hardly come as a surprise. Even Daelmans, which is the company that originated the treat back in 1904, suggests topping your mug of coffee or tea for a few minutes to get the perfect bite, but there are obviously other ways to enjoy the cookie. "I love breaking them up and mixing them in soft serve ice cream," another Redditor wrote. We have to admit, that certainly sounds delicious as well.