Aldi Shoppers Are Divided On These Brioche Bagels

If you love bread and sweets for breakfasts, then brioche should be on your shopping list. This light and fluffy bread makes a delicious brioche french toast recipe, no matter which brand's loaf you use. (However, some customers have their favorites. Aldi shoppers recommend the chain's chocolate brioche for french toast, for example.) For those who prefer a savory breakfast, bagels might be the go-to way to start the day. And if you can't decide between the two? Aldi's got a product that might be up your alley.

We've seen mashups of breakfast items before — like the cronut — but multiple Aldi fan Instagram accounts have spotted a new one at the chain: brioche bagels in sesame and everything flavors. Based on the comments by those who have tried them, the Specially Selected-brand bagels seem to be a hit or miss. Some think that these breakfast treats fail to deliver on the "bagel" bit of their name. If you're debating whether you should add Aldi's brioche bagels to your shopping cart, here's what customers are saying.

What are Aldi shoppers saying about these brioche bagels?

According to @theamazingaldi on Instagram, the brioche bagels come in packs of four for $3.69. Among commenters, reviews are mixed. One shopper noted a strange flavor combination, saying, "The brioche everything is weird... sweet and everything and just a bun with a hole basically." Another customer felt that the new items resemble neither brioche nor bagels, likening them to "hamburger buns with holes cut out in them." In terms of taste, they said, "They're yummy but they're not really bagels." The sentiments are similar in the comments section of user @adventuresinaldi's recent post. "They're more like bagel shaped brioche bread. They're not chewy like a bagel. Wasn't a fan," one follower said.

However, there are some fans of the new brioche bagels, and they're turning them into sweet and savory dishes. One person wrote, "The Everything Bagel flavor was delicious! I added onion and chive cream cheese and sliced turkey and it was amazing," while another commenter shared that they made french toast. With these reviews in mind, you can decide whether or not to pick up these brioche bagels the next time you're at Aldi. If you're looking for bread with better reviews overall, Aldi shoppers were very excited about its everything-seasoned sourdough last month.