Pop-Tarts' Newest Flavor Lets You Have Dessert For Breakfast

Every day it seems we grow closer to the merging of breakfast and dessert. From donuts dunked in glazes to sugary iced coffees, breakfast seems to lean towards the sweeter side of things instead of the plain ol' oatmeal and black coffee of years past. But, there's one breakfast item that you can eat both cold or hot and it's just as sweet no matter what: The humble Pop-Tart

A breakfast staple of grammar school children and college students alike, it's hard to say what makes these frosted toaster pastries so attractive. Is it because they're easy to eat? Their wide variety of flavors? The fact they are named after the "pop art" of Andy Warhol? Whatever the case may be, Pop-Tarts are a pretty popular breakfast treat, still on the rise after 32 some years (via The Wall Street Journal). Although they do have their critics – Healthline called them the number-one unhealthiest food in America back in 2017 — most people have fond memories of digging into a tasty Pop-Tart before heading off to school in the mornings.

And it seems that Pop-Tarts are closing that gap of dessert and breakfast just a little more with their newest product — especially if the thought of having cookies for breakfast sounds appealing.

The latest flavor is snickerdoodle - coming soon

In case you ever woke up in the morning and thought, "Man, I could really go for a fresh-baked snickerdoodle cookie right now," then Pop-Tarts has the answer for you. According to a press release shared on PR Newswire, the brand's newest flavor combines the crumbly pastry of Pop-Tarts with a snickerdoodle filling, and a generous dusting on cinnamon sugar on top. Rather than going through the laborious process of preheating the oven, mixing batter, and baking to make these beloved cookies, all one needs to do is pop one of these bad boys into a toaster and wait a few minutes to get as close to a fresh, gooey snickerdoodle as you can get. According to the release, they'll be available in May in an eight-count box at retailers across the U.S.

This isn't the first cookie-inspired Pop-Tart released, either — in fact, it's the third one thus far. Other flavors have included Frosted Chocolate Chip and Cookies & Cream, with Snickerdoodle completing the "trifecta." There were even Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts released around the holiday season (via Best Products). As if tackling cookies wasn't enough, Pop-Tarts has also experimented with donut flavors such as Boston Cremé Pie and Apple Fritter (via Hype Beast). And since they were already covering donuts and cookies, the brand figured, why not go the extra mile and make Eggo-Frosted Maple Syrup Pop-Tarts, which combines the maple flavor of waffles with the flakiness of Pop-Tarts (via Kellogg's).

Hey, just because breakfast is important doesn't mean it can't be sugary. And with this many options, Pop-Tarts makes it easy to find your favorite.