Pop-Tarts And Eggo Just Teamed Up For The Ultimate Breakfast Treat

When you want to start the day right, you have an important choice to make. On one hand, you could treat yourself to your favorite flavor of Pop-Tart, or you have the option of heating up Eggo waffles for a taste like no other. Now you no longer have to make that decision thanks to a new product that serves up the best of both worlds. According to a press release sent to Mashed, Pop-Tarts plans to release an Eggo Frosted Maple Syrup flavor. This latest take on the morning pastry features a yellow, flaky crust designed to remind consumers of a waffle, a maple-flavored filling, and a mix of white icing that gets topped with a crisscross of yellow icing that resembles a waffle.

The new Pop-Tart comes on the heels of several other novel flavors, like Peach Cobbler, Banana Crème Pie, and Lemon Crème Pie. In addition to the release of the new flavor, Pop-Tart also plans to sponsor an online contest where a lucky few can get the chance to taste this product before it officially hits shelves. The brand has yet to announce details of the competition, but astute fans who can't wait to taste the Eggo Frosted Maple Syrup flavor need to follow Pop-Tart's Instagram for updates.

A waffle-centric way to start your morning

If you don't want to deal with the competition, you don't have to wait long until you can get your hands on your very own box of Eggo Frosted Maple Syrup flavor Pop-Tarts. According to the press release, the product officially hits stores starting in December, and a box of eight breakfast pastries should retail at $2.99. If you don't want to commit to so many Pop-Tarts at once, you can also grab a pack of two at convenience stores nationwide.

While this breakfast mashup can make anyone excited to start their morning, Pop-Tart's take on Eggo waffles isn't the first time Eggo joined forces with another company to promote the taste of their signature waffles. Kellogg's teamed up with Eggo to create a signature maple syrup-flavored Eggo cereal that features waffle-shaped cereal pieces, per Kellogg's. If you love the taste of waffles in the morning but crave some variety, make sure to check out Pop-Tart's take on this breakfast staple and get ready for a whole new way to enjoy the first meal of the day.