Disney Springs' Newest Easter Treat Is For Adults Only

When you think of Disney World, anything that's strictly for adults, such as alcohol, might not be the first thing to come to mind. It's a family-friendly theme park after all, so there's a very good chance you're not going to see any drunken tourists during your visit. That doesn't exactly mean that Disney is a "dry" place, however. There are a few select restaurants around Magic Kingdom that serve alcoholic beverages (via Mouse Hacking), and you can carry drinks throughout Disney Springs, provided you're being a responsible guest and the drink is in a plastic cup or aluminum bottle (via WDW Travels). But, for the most part, Disney does their best to keep the park's image as a wholesome place for families of all ages, so they're obviously not advertising doing shots with your favorite Disney characters as a key selling point.

Although Mickey Mouse keeps a relatively strict control over what sort of libations you may enjoy during your stay at the Happiest Place on Earth, Disney is first and foremost a business and they aren't afraid to tap into their older adult market from time to time. With their newest Easter offering, you can have a sweet and boozy treat that combines the best things about being a kid and an adult all at once.

You can fill Disney's chocolate Easter bunny with booze

The Disney Parks TikTok account recently uploaded a video outlining the creation of an adult chocolate rabbit confection. It isn't just any chocolate rabbit, however: It's the "Boozy Bunny" and it can only be found at Disney Springs' Ganachery. According to the voiceover, the candy is composed of two rabbit-shaped chocolate shells, whose edges are melted to allow the shells to stick together to form a chocolate rabbit with a hollow interior. A hole is melted into the back of the shell in order to fill the interior with a "house-made chocolate drink" that can be sipped as is or topped off with a few splashes of bourbon. The video ends by cautioning chocolateers to "hop responsibly."

This isn't the first time Disney has added an alcoholic treat to their menus. Disney Food Blog reports that the park had served frozen treats blended with liquor, such as a wine-soaked ice cream cup and a mango smoothie infused with beer and chile lime. You can also skip straight to the Disney-fied cocktails if you want, having a choice from Glow-tinis, Frozen Rum & Coke drinks, and the Be Our Guest Mimosa (via The Travel).

While alcohol isn't a major part of the world of Disney Parks' food offerings, there's still some sweet treats in the Magic Kingdom that'll make your trip all the more magical. In case you want to get your hands on the Boozy Bunny, it's available at the Ganachery at Disney Springs from April 1-17.