These Boozy Easter Treats Are Filled With Baileys

This year, it's clear that parents, adults, and kids-at-heart deserve a well-stocked Easter basket alongside the actual kids too. Lucky for everyone of legal drinking age, Baileys is on it to satisfy and delight with a number of holiday surprises. From drinks to sweet treats, no adult will go displeased with their chocolate eggs this year.

The Irish cream liqueur brand has introduced its own Spring Shakedown recipe, and it's a luxury boozy milkshake to rival all others made inside very large hollow chocolate eggs (via Baileys). Then there are the adorable Baileys and Kahlúa shots inside hollow chocolate eggs that were dreamed up by AGFG. However, for those who just want to enjoy without having to do any work beforehand, Baileys is selling the perfect chocolate treat this Easter. In fact, the Irish cream brand's chocolate eggs even come in two flavors — both of which include a boozy splash, of course.

This is what we know about the Baileys-filled chocolate eggs

Baileys all-new Luxe Mini Eggs are similar to chocolate truffles, except these adults-only treats are topped with gold luster dust that might be all-too tempting (via Good Housekeeping). Each pack of nine eggs includes chocolates with a crisp chocolate shell and a filling made with milk chocolate and Irish cream that melts in the mouth on the inside of the eggs. It sounds so good, the inside of your cheeks might already be watering. Be forewarned though. Baileys even explicitly states on the box that this is "a grown up treat!" So expect plenty of that delicious signature Baileys flavor. You can find them online for about $12 per pack.

The liqueur company didn't stop there, though. According to Delish, Baileys is offering another kind of chocolate egg. This one is larger and weighs close to half a pound apparently. It's the Baileys Salted Caramel Chocolate Egg. It's similar to the smaller eggs, but this chocolate egg is filled with Baileys and salted caramel, of course. Each one of these mammoth eggs costs about $22.

So treat yourself and someone you really love to these decadent Easter treats this year. There's no doubt they'll be well worth the cost.