Gerber Is Searching For Its Next Baby Photo

You know how everyone thinks their baby is the cutest baby, the best baby, the smartest baby? Even Duff Goldman, whose daughter is admittedly adorbs. It's just that, in your case, it's true. It's so true, in fact, that if you're being honest, well, sometimes it feels almost awkward with the other moms on the park bench — because while their babies are adorable and perfect in every possible way, the simple truth is that there can only be one that is literally the best baby ever. And of course that baby is yours. 

Everyone understands the enormous responsibility that goes with being the mom of the most perfect baby in the history of ever. But you've been handling it, thus far, with the grace of Kate Middleton and the humility of Keanu. Nevertheless, it's only natural that you occasionally wonder if perhaps you're being selfish keeping your tiny bundle of joy all to yourself. That is why you will be delighted to learn that Gerber, the iconic baby food brand whose name is now synonymous with ridiculously adorable, chubby-cheeked cherubs — thanks to placing its first Gerber Baby on the food label nearly 100 years ago (via CNN) — is searching for the next baby to make famous. Here's everything you need to know about Gerber's search for the brand's 2022 Spokesbaby, who will also become the second-ever Gerber Chief Growing Officer (per the official website). And wait until you hear about the cash prize that you could win, too!

Gerber will gift $25,000 to the winner of its 2022 photo search

Gerber is searching for the best baby photo or video of 2022, with the promise of $25,000 in cash for the ultimate winner. The company has also promised to make a matching donation to the March of Dimes, which supports the health and well-being of parents and infants in need. Baby "applicants" must be between 0 and 4 years of age and also "have a playful smile that can light up the room," in Gerber's own words, from a new press release announcing this year's contest. 

To enter your beautiful bundle into Gerber's 2022 photo search, simply submit your favorite baby photos and videos to the submissions portal on the Gerber website. And make sure they show off your baby's adorable smile and giggle (as if anything less were even possible). The contest opened at 9 a.m. ET today, April 4, and it continues until 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 14. Only parents and legal guardians are eligible to enter on behalf of their little ones. 

This year's Gerber photo search is the 12th of its kind, but it's the first in which the brand will be donating $25,000 to March of Dimes in connection. Inspired by all the photos sent to Gerber of babies, the photo search is meant to celebrate "babies from all backgrounds" as well as the promise to do "Anything for Baby."