Babies Everywhere Will Want Their Dads To See Duff Goldman's Latest Post

Cake may not be the first dish that comes to mind when you're trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast (though, according to Live Science, some studies show that indulging in the A.M. dessert can actually aid in weight loss). However, when your dad is renowned cake maker Duff Goldman, it appears that the sweet treat may always be an option on the menu.

Taking to his Instagram account over the weekend, the Food Network star revealed that he had finally introduced his one-year-old daughter Josephine to the joy that is eating cake for breakfast — a move that may have inadvertently also set a new standard for dads all over the world.

"I have officially fed my daughter chocolate cake for breakfast," the 47-year-old announced in a post on Saturday, April 2, and we can't say we aren't the teensiest bit jealous that we didn't receive an invitation to join the Goldman family for this extra-sweet morning meal. The upload also included an adorable photo of Goldman's only child sitting at the table with her mouth open wide in preparation for receiving the bite of chocolate cake sitting on a spoon in front of her, which may or may not be a similar face we make when there's a slice of cake in front of us, as well.

Fans are calling Duff Goldman the 'best dad ever' for giving his daughter cake for breakfast

It's been a little over a year since Duff Goldman entered the world of fatherhood with the birth of his and his wife's first daughter, Josephine, on January 31, 2021, and based on the chef's latest Instagram upload, he may already be reaching peak dad status. The Charm City Cakes owner revealed that he had officially given his daughter cake for breakfast for the very first time this weekend, and certainly seems like his fans approve of the meal. As of this writing, the update has amassed more than 29,000 and hundreds of comments, including one from user @robbiconverse, who declared Goldman "#dadgoals."

Many appeared to agree with the user's sentiments, with one fan calling the baker the "best dad ever," while a third said that Goldman was worthy of being named the Father of the Year. "Trophy incoming!" the Instagrammer quipped.

Several users admitted that they weren't surprised by the breakfast choice that Goldman made for his daughter over the weekend, with one fan saying they "expect nothing less in that household." However, for those that may be questioning his decision, Instagram user @miamaidsmw offered a solid argument in defense of the "Spring Baking Championship" judge. "Hey it has milk and eggs and flour. Perfect breakfast food," they said. Can't argue with that logic!