What Kate Middleton Really Eats In A Day

Kate Middleton is the very model of a modern Wonder Woman. No, she can't deflect bullets with her bracelets, nor does she fly around in an invisible airplane. She does, however, keep up with the incredibly busy obligations of a true working royal and maintain an incredibly high approval rating with the fickle public — all while being a hands-on mum to her three children.

With all that on her plate, it's a wonder that Middleton ever gets the time to sit down with a plate of actual food. While she may grab the occasional bite on the run, we suspect Middleton's super powers explain how she still manages to enjoy tasty, nutritious family meals on a regular basis. Sure, Prince William's household may have access to domestic staff to help with the cooking, but Middleton doesn't always leave the meal prep to the professionals. The great Mary Berry herself has praised Middleton's prowess in the kitchen, saying, "Kate is a remarkable, enthusiastic cook — she'll have a go at anything" (via Hello!). So, what's on the menu during a typical day in the life of the Duchess of Cambridge?

Middleton starts her day with lots of greens

Kate Middleton obviously needs a lot of energy to keep up with her hectic schedule, which is likely what inspires her to have a nutritious breakfast. Hello! reveals that, while her kids dine on cereal with apples in the morning, Middleton herself prefers a hearty bowl of porridge.

When the Duchess wants an extra power boost, however, she's got another secret weapon in her breakfast arsenal: a super green smoothie made with spirulina. As the Daily Mail reports, her smoothies are packed with kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, cilantro, blueberries, and matcha powder. One of Hello!'s lifestyle writers drank Middleton's famed smoothie every day for a full month, and she found that she did have plenty of energy and great skin. Unfortunately, she also revealed that the flavor was less than enjoyable. We guess you've got to be able to deal with a certain amount of unpleasantness if you're preparing to be a queen consort, and this Middleton special is probably an acquired taste.

She reaches for nutritious snacks between meals

Between meals, Middleton sometimes snacks on quick, nutrient-filled bites. Rather than reaching for a candy bar or bag of chips, she instead favors fruits and vegetables. MyLondon says she's a big fan of vitamin-rich goji berries, adding that she also enjoys olives — a penchant she has passed onto her daughter, Princess Charlotte. We're not sure whether she has a preference for Kalamatas, Castelvetranos, or the stuffed variety, but the Duchess apparently has been snacking on olives since she was a kid.

On a more eventful day, such as when an entertaining outing is involved, Middleton is a fan of popcorn. Hello! published a photo of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sitting courtside at a Brooklyn Nets game in 2014, sharing a box of popcorn. She appeared to be carefully picking out the most perfectly popped kernels for a satisfying mid-game bite, to which we can certainly relate.

Middleton often eats plant-based meals

While Middleton isn't a vegetarian, she may well be a flexitarian, as she doesn't seem to mind abstaining from meat one bit. As RSVP Live relates, during a 2016 visit to India, she and Prince William enjoyed meals prepared by chef Raghu Deora — vegetarian ones, as he was told that this was what the couple preferred. Among the dishes he served them were veggie kebabs and lentil curry.

Middleton has also been known to experiment with a raw diet one day a week. As one of her friends told the Daily Mail in 2014, she tried it "to achieve radiant skin." Whether or not this is still a part of her routine, she likely still enjoys a good salad. A few of her favorites are tabbouleh and one made from watermelon. While Middleton hasn't shared her recipe, Hello! speculates that the watermelon salad she enjoys may include cucumbers, avocado, onion, and feta cheese.

Raw fish is also a favorite of the Duchess

Middleton tends to keep things fresh and light at lunchtime. Another one of her go-to midday meals, according to Hello!, is ceviche, a Peruvian speciality of raw fish marinated in citrus juice and seasoned with chilis, onions, and cilantro. Ceviche is also enjoyed in other countries, such as Mexico, and can be made with other types of seafood, like shrimp

That's not the only kind of raw fish Middleton favors, though. It seems that both she and her husband are very fond of sushi. A 2018 tweet from the restaurant Japan House London quoted Prince William, who had paid the eatery a royal visit to sample sashimi. As he told the chef, "My wife and I love sushi. We might have to come down here for lunch when no one else is in." (No word as to whether they've yet managed to find such a rare opportunity.)

Middleton can handle a little heat

One thing Middleton is very fond of is food that packs some punch. When she was pregnant, Hello! says, one of her main cravings was for spicy, Indian-style curry. She enjoyed similar dishes on a visit to India and has also cooked them at home. Her husband, however, isn't such a fan of spicy foods. (Let's just say that you shouldn't hold your breath waiting for Prince William to appear on "Hot Ones" any time soon, since he'd probably have to tap out around wing number two.)

Middleton isn't the only one in her family who enjoys a chili-spiked curry. In 2019, the Daily Mail's royals reporter tweeted that a certain little princess, just 4 years old at the time, was already developing an appreciation for the spicier things in life. In Middleton's own words, "Charlotte is pretty good with heat." Sean Evans, take note! Give her a couple more years, and the princess might make it all the way to The Last Dab.

Family favorites include pasta, pizza, and roast chicken

While The Cambridges' home life is probably far from "normal," as we non-royals know it, they still enjoy some typical family activities, such as cooking dinner together. What are some of the things that Middleton and her small sous chefs like to whip up? As Hello! shares, they love making pasta dishes, like mac and cheese. However, the authentically Italian spaghetti carbonara is Prince George's all-time favorite, per the Daily Mail. The family also collaborates on salads and homemade pizza.

Vanity Fair adds that Middleton hasn't forgotten how to make her husband's favorite dish, either. He's quite partial to roast chicken, and this is something she's been cooking for him since the couple were newlyweds. Her go-to chicken recipe may be one that former royal chef Darren McGrady shared with Princes William and Harry, as well as their own mum, Princess Diana. McGrady also passed the recipe on to Hola!, and it couldn't be simpler: Coat a whole roasting bird with salt, then bake on a rack at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. Voilà! A meal fit for a duke.

Middleton's favorite dessert is typically British

Former royal chef Darren McGrady has made frequent media appearances discussing the royals' favorite dishes. In a YouTube video from a few years back, he revealed the name of Kate Middleton's favorite dessert: sticky toffee pudding. Across the pond, this is the ultimate classic "pudding," which is the British term used to refer to just about any type of dessert.

Demonstrating the recipe, McGrady explained in the video that sticky toffee pudding is actually a type of steamed fruitcake. While the traditional recipe calls for apricots, he prefers to use dates instead. The cake is topped with a sauce — the "sticky toffee" part — that's made from muscovado sugar, butter, and cream. He did admit, however, that he never actually cooked this pudding for The Cambridges, since Middleton has always preferred to do the cooking (and even the shopping) herself. This, combined with her lack of pickiness, must be why he called her "a chef's dream."