Nestle Toll House Just Dropped 'Stuffed' Cookie Dough

What do cookies and lava cakes have in common? Aside from the fact they're both desserts and include chocolate, these two delicious desserts are wildly different in every aspect. One is flat, circular, and stuffed with everything from chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles, cinnamon sugar, and so on. The other is a dome-shaped cake that is filled with molten chocolate. Both fine desserts on their own, no doubt, but to compare cakes and cookies is the same as comparing apples and oranges. Wouldn't it be incredible if there was some way to combine the two into one molten, messy treat?

Nestle Toll House stepped up to the answer the question. Toll House isn't afraid of using their cookies in ways that even the Pillsbury Dough Boy would not tread. They collaborated with frozen pizza maker DiGornio to create a "party box" of pepperoni pizza and cookies (via the Consumerist). The company even has a select variety of edible cookie doughs and brownie batters (via Toll House), in case you didn't want to wait to bake your cookies in the first place. 

Their newest product, however, promises to be their "biggest cookie yet."

Stuffed Cookie Dough comes in two varieties

According to their latest Instagram post, Nestle Toll House's Stuffed Cookie Dough package contains only four cookies, as compared to an expected two dozen. The trade-off for less cookies is made up by two positives: These four cookies are "jumbo-sized" and are stuffed with what Nestle Toll House describes as "decadent fillings." These cookies come in two different varieties: Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate.

The Stuffed Chocolate Chip Dough comes filled with a molten fudge center, while the Double Chocolate comes stuffed with not only chunks of chocolate but also a salted caramel center. But, before you go out to your local grocer and stock up, these overstuffed cookies will not be hitting the shelves until July.

This isn't the first time a cookie company has decided to add more to their cookies. In Los Angeles, California, a company known as Stuffed Cookies offers customers a wide variety of customizable cookies with equally customizable fillings. Certain flavors of note include Oreo B-Day Cake, Nutella Cadbury Chip, Chocolate PB Dream, and Cookie Butter Lemon Pie.

But does Toll House's cookies hold supreme? It seems we'll have to wait until July to find out.