Ina Garten's Spring Cleaning Post Is Hilariously Relatable

Celebrity chef and home entertaining doyenne, Ina Garten, whose Food Network show, "The Barefoot Contessa," is one of foodie television's most iconic and longest-running programs, per IMDb, possesses a certain magic about her. How else do you explain how she can simultaneously deliver the highest of highbrow culinary vibes while still coming off as totally relatable — even to those of us who have never set foot in the tony Hamptons. It is here where she will be feeding and chatting up all manner of celebrity guests for her new multi-platform Discovery+/Food Network show, "Be My Guest with Ina Garten." It all seems even more impressive when you consider how intimidating her resume actually is, including, as it does, a stint in the office of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter's Office of Management and Budget, per Barefoot Contessa. During that time, she managed to spearhead the drafting of the U.S. nuclear budget while also getting an M.B.A. from George Washington University, per Washington State University.

Yet, as impressive as Garten's credentials may be, she's a lot like us, or so it would seem when you take a peak into the contents of her incredibly well-organized pantry. And that's precisely what the Barefoot Contessa allows us to do via an Instagram post from April 6, in which she takes us on a photographic tour of her newly reorganized and hilariously relatable pantry. 

Ina Garten's pantry reminds us of home

In a recent Instagram post, Food Network's Ina Garten delivers her own unique alchemy of inspiration, aspiration, and "oh my gosh, she's just like us" vibes. With no surprise, her 3.4 million followers are totally here for it. It's "Spring cleaning time," Garten writes in the post that includes the virtues of tossing rancid oils and stale baking powder, storing utensils in porcelain crocks for easy access without ever opening a drawer, and clear plastic containers to contain the contents of open bags of chocolate chips and dried beans. While some of Garten's fans, presumably, do not have the space or time to devote to Monica Geller-level kitchen organization, what many out there can relate to is what she is actually storing in her pantry. And no, we're not talking about her collection of Le Creuset cookware.

Rather, we're referring to the "normal stuff, just like mine," as one of her fans commented almost as soon as the post went up. We're talking individual packets of ramen noodles, big tubs of supermarket peanut butter, Wondra, Karo corn syrup, and an almost absurd number of Lindt chocolate bars. "Love this — perfect!" another fan gushed, perhaps speaking for many of the over 44,300 users who liked the post in the first hours since it went up.