Courteney Cox's Kitchen Proves She's A Classic 'Monica'

When the television sitcom Friends debuted on NBC in autumn 1994, Courteney Cox was the most famous of the actors playing the six attractive and likeable twenty-somethings living in New York City (via History). Nearly 30 years later, the entire ensemble is recognizable virtually anywhere in the world, along with their various catchphrases, hairstyles, and quirks. And to the credit of these talented actors, there's never been much confusion about where the fictional characters ended and the actors who played them began (unlike the way fans of Sex and the City have always conflated Sarah Jessica Parker with her character Carrie Bradshaw, per Showbiz CheatSheet). Until now.

Here we were thinking that Courteney Cox couldn't have been anything like her Friends character Monica Geller. For sure, there are a lot of differences, including the fact that Courteney Cox is a Southern girl, having grown up in Birmingham, Alabama, whereas Monica is from Long Island, New York (via IMDb). But as it turns out, a recent Instagram post from Cox, showing her pristinely organized kitchen, reveals that Courteney is, in fact, a classic "Monica."

Courteney Cox shows us what Monica's kitchen would look like if she had the resources of a TV star

"Tell me you're a Monica without telling me you're a Monica," Courteney Cox challenged her 10.6 million Instagram followers on April 16, 2021. "I'll go first" (via Instagram). Cox then invited all 10.6 million of us on an intimate video tour of the interiors of several of her kitchen's cabinets and drawer. And they happen to be the some of the most pristine, well-organized kitchen cabinets and drawers any of us has ever seen. She even has a utensils drawer with indented spaces for each individual utensil, which we can only guess must have been custom-built to house the utensils Cox actually uses.

The whole video is about 10 seconds at most, but it's plenty of time for anyone to grasp that if her kitchen is any indication, then Cox is the epitome of a "Monica." 

"Am I the only one?" Cox asks in the caption. No, Courteney Cox/Monica Geller, you are not. However, not all of us can have a custom-built utensil drawer, as much as the Monicas among us might fantasize (and will, now that we've seen yours).