Twitter Can't Get Over Duff Goldman And Buddy Valastro's Age Difference

Let's face it (no pun intended), it can be extremely difficult to guess a person's age based solely on looks. Some people, for example, never seem to age at all, defying the passing years with a babyface. Some embrace their laugh lines, like beloved actress Betty White, who told People Magazine that "a sense of humor" kept her going over the years.

The same goes for celebrity chefs. Guy Fieri charms Food Network fans with his youthful energy and constant jokes – would it surprise you that he's in his mid-50s? And Gordon Ramsay, who seems like he's been cooking forever, is also only in his mid-50s (though Simon Cowell might have something to do with that).

One recent realization on social media focused on the age difference between two of the country's favorite cake bakers and decorators, Duff Goldman and Buddy Valastro. At first glance, you might guess that the two men's birthdays aren't particularly close — but you'd be wrong.

Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman are similar in age

One Twitter user seemed to shock the foodie world when she wrote, "@CakeBossBuddy is 2.5 years younger than @duffgoldman (45 vs. 47). Honest to God, I thought Buddy was at least a decade older." As it turns out, so did just about everyone else.

"I thought Buddy was at least ten years older than me," commented another Twitter user replying to Goldman's quote tweet, adding, "but I'm older than him! (I'll be 46!) And I thought I was older than Duff..." Fans had plenty of theories as to why Goldman might appear younger than Valastro. One suggested it was due to the fact Valastro has four kids, whereas Goldman only has one little girl, Josephine. Others joked that Goldman has a babyface.

Goldman teased that "Clean livin'" keeps him looking youthful, leading to others suggesting, "the secret is in the water." Or is it in the cake?