TikTok Can't Wait To Make Daphne Oz's Refreshing Summer Snack

While we won't pretend that a scoop of ice cream isn't one of the main reasons to look forward to the hot summer weather, every once in a while, it's nice to cool off with something a little lighter. Perhaps even something with actual fruit in it. With that in mind, if you're looking for a treat that will leave you refreshed this summer while also giving you some nutritional benefits, Daphne Oz has you covered.

In a recent TikTok video, the television host and cookbook author demonstrates how to make her "highly requested" recipe for "Frozen Yogurt Berry Bark," which she describes as a "perfectly pink, scattering, smattering of fresh fruit and coconut." And judging from the 60-second video, this bark is easy enough to throw together that you'll probably want to make it over and over.

Per Oz's instructions, after making strawberry syrup on the stove, pour it into a blender with a cup of both nonfat and low-fat Greek yogurt (hello protein!), a few tablespoons of plant-based sweetener, vanilla extract, and salt. Once everything is blended, pour the mixture directly onto sheet pans lined with parchment paper to keep them from sticking. Finally, sprinkle raspberries, blackberries, and unsweetened coconut flakes all over the spread before freezing for a minimum of four hours. According to Oz, once removed from the ice, the mixture will solidify and, "become rich and creamy and cool and satisfying ... It will be the perfect treat for after dinner, after lunch, you'll see."

A rich, cool summer treat without all the sugar

While many of the comments on the video are about Daphne Oz's chic fashion choices, plenty of people chimed in to share how excited they were to make the frozen berry yogurt bark for themselves. "That looks amazing!" gushed one user, with another agreeing, "it is the prettiest pink color!! i have to try!" Some even offered suggestions to upgrade the bark further, like adding pistachios. One top comment shifted the focus from the yogurt bark to compliment Oz for her cooking instructions. "you should get a show on food network, I feel like I'm watching Rachel ray," they gushed.

A few commenters, however, still seemed a bit unsure about the idea of eating frozen Greek yogurt. "The texture of this remains a complete mystery to me," admitted one user. Some also expressed some concern about the sweetener in the recipe, but Oz clarified in the comments that she did not use sugar, opting for monk fruit, an all-natural and sugar-free alternative with a "low glycemic index," instead. A different user approved of the addition, writing "Yes monkfruit is an excellent alternative especially for diabetics."

In any case, with all the attention, it seems frozen yogurt berry bark might become the sweet of the summer. Or perhaps spring, even. One user who saw the TikTok wasted absolutely no time giving this a try, writing, "Saw this today and I made it immediately this is so so good!!!!!!"